Yanet Garcia hacked: Model’s Instagram hit by ‘sex tape leak’ scam

instagram model and tv personality yanet garcia on instagram
Popular social media and TV personality Yanet Garcia reportedly had her Instagram hacked. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Was Instagram model Yanet Garcia hacked? The latest reports indicated the celebrity some refer to as “World’s sexiest weather girl” was the latest to have her Instagram account hacked by scammers. This particular hack is also linked with a “sex tape leak” scam attempting to lure unsuspecting visitors or followers.

What happened with Yanet Garcia’s Instagram?

Garcia appears as a weather presenter and personality on Mexican television station Televisa Monterrey. She’s also appeared in the Sharknado 5 film, among her acting credits.

In addition, the 28-year-old is an Instagram model and influencer with over 11 million followers on her @iamyanetgarcia account. On Monday, scammers reportedly tried to use that large fanbase and Garcia’s popularity to their advantage for a new online scam.

Apparently, Garcia lost control of her Instagram account on Monday (Sept. 16). Once that happened, whoever hacked her Instagram began to change parts of the profile including Garcia’s bio, story, and posts.

At first, the scam, advertised a free iPhone ad if Garcia’s followers clicked a link. It then promised Garcia’s millions of followers another enticing offer.

An Instagram post arrived with a photoshopped image from behind of Garcia undressed from the waist down. It also featured colorful text splashed across it. The text told viewers to go to her Instagram story, swipe up and download at least one free app. The fake post claimed if viewers did so, they’d get access to what they included was her “full 47-minute sex tape.”

Links were placed by the scammer in Garcia’s Instagram bio and story. However, according to UK’s The Sun, a large number of Garcia’s Instagram followers and other people on online forums pointed out what was going on as they were wise to it being a scam.

Yanet Garcia back to Instagram after ‘sex tape’ scam

It seems things are resolved now. Garcia posted several new Instagram photos in the wake of the sex tape leak scam. One of those features her with Lewis Howes in Mexico (below).

Numerous commenters make reference to the fake sex video leak, scam, and potential viruses. Some mention that Garcia addressed what happened already. Others claim to somehow have the purported sex video. Garcia appears to be letting it all subside without going into too much detail.

That said, she also posted to her Instagram Story on Monday morning including what she captioned with, “Esta es la foto REAL,” or “this is the real photo.” It was in reference to the photoshopped image hackers used to try to scam her Instagram followers.

So now it appears the “world’s sexiest weather girl” is back to posting as normal on her Instagram and the hacking scam incident was quickly resolved. Yanet Garcia is also the latest celeb to have had this problem strike in the past few days as a similar incident occurred to Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

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