Yanet Garcia greets fans with gorgeous photos

Yanet Garcia up close
Yanet Garcia sends a late-night greeting to her fans. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

“Mexican Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia is heating up New York’s March temperatures with her incredibly good looks.

The brunette beauty logged onto social media on Sunday night to give a quick hello and ensure everyone could start the new week on the right foot after seeing her gorgeous pics.

The model and health coach is known for her jaw-dropping content and inspirational posts, and truly, they seem to go hand-in-hand.

Proving that all of her hard work in the gym over the years is still paying off, Yanet posed in a matching bra and underwear set with a netted crop top and skirt over her intimates.

The black undergarments matched the bright-yellow netting perfectly, adding the best contrast for the splash of sunshiny color.

Her long locks were parted in the middle and cascaded down her shoulders in gorgeous waves in each shot.

Steal The Style

Get Yanet’s fishnet look

Black Fishnet Co-ord by PLT


Yanet looks stunning as usual in her latest share – does she ever look bad?! We loved her bright yellow fishnet co-ord, so we hunted for something similar so you can steal her sexy style.

This fishnet two-piece by Pretty Little Thing is a great dupe for Yanet’s look – the black Bardot top and tiny mini let you flash some flesh on your next night out with the girls; and we think black makes this fit more wearable.

Wear this look with your highest heels and a mini bag and get ready to make some shapes in the club.

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Yanet Garcia shares her tips for ‘a better brain’

As a certified health coach, Yanet knows the ins and outs of a healthy body and knows there’s more to health than just looking fit.

Over the weekend, she shared some clips from workouts and her “daily routine for a better brain.”

For the best brain you can have, she recommends people “eat healthy fats, optimize protein, eat colorful plant foods, avoid sugar and processed carbs, move the body,” and “relax and calm the mind.”

The video she shared with her tips shows her doing some deep stretches, jogging, and overall proving that she lives by her health plans; she doesn’t just tell others how to do it.

She also has recipes for those looking to change their diet and incorporate more healthy fats and proteins, such as her “best green smoothie” recipe.

Yanet Garcia offers fitness lessons through FitPlan

Not only does Yanet share fitness and diet tips on her health coach account, but she’s also a trainer with the FitPlan app.

Through FitPlan, users can sign up for lessons with Yanet and many other celebrity trainers to get their bodies in tip-top shape.

Yanet has spent a long time working in the gym to reach her body goals, so she definitely seems like a great coach to get started with.

FitPlan can be downloaded on various devices, such as Apple and Android products, and users can access daily workouts and health monitoring tools.

The app also offers a seven-day free trial before charging a customer, and if FitPlan isn’t working, customers won’t be charged as long as their subscription is canceled during the free trial period.

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