Xscape speaks on beef with member LaTocha Scott saying that her husband is the problem

LaTocha Scott at the BET Awards
The ladies of Xscape are telling their side of the story about their issues with groupmate LaTocha Scott. Pic credit: ©

The ladies of Xscape have spoken out in defense of themselves after their bandmate LaTocha Scott went on Instagram and stated that their tour promoter threatened her husband, Rocky Bivens and that her sister disrespected their mother. LaTocha’s sister and bandmate Tamika Scott said that what her sister claimed is simply not true.

In an interview on The Big Tigger Show, Kandi Burruss, Tiny Harris, and Tamika Scott sat down and opened up about their ongoing feud with their fourth group member LaTocha.

The feud came to light when LaTocha dressed differently than the rest of the group at the Soul Train Music Awards and felt the need to defend herself on social media after receiving public backlash.

In the interview, Tamika said that she was not mad at LaTocha and that she loved her. She also said that the personal problems that they were dealing with as a family shouldn’t have been aired by LaTocha for the public and that LaTocha was lying about Tamika disrespecting their mother.

Tamika went on to say that the reason LaTocha is alienated from the group is that she alienated herself in order to work on a solo Gospel album. She said that the album was in the works prior to tour dates being set.

As far as LaTocha’s claim that the promoter threatened her husband, Tamika said that the promoter was threatened by LaTocha’s husband first. Tamika said that she “has the emails to prove it.”

Kandi did admit that she and LaTocha haven’t spoken in months following the wrap of filming for their soon-to-be-aired reality show. Kandi said there was a lot of fighting between her and LaTocha during filming, and Tamika chimed in, saying there shouldn’t have been any drama during filming.

LaTocha Scott’s husband latest scandal

The ladies discussed the latest scandal in LaTocha’s life, a woman claiming to be pregnant by Latocha’s husband, Rocky.

Earlier this week, an Instagram model claimed she was pregnant with LaTocha’s husband, Rocky’s baby, and posted on Instagram a picture of her sitting next to Rocky and another picture of a sonogram.

A few days later, the model claimed that her Instagram was hacked, she was not pregnant, and she would never sleep with a married man. She did say that she would do everything she could to find the culprit.

When asked about the situation, Tiny said that they are “just as confused as y’all.” She stated that she doesn’t know what goes on in their personal business or bedroom.

Xscape discussed the Soul Train Awards dress scandal

The ladies discussed the problem that started this feud, the infamous dress that LaTocha wore. Tamika said that she thought her sister looked beautiful in her dress.

Tiny did say that she spoke with LaTocha the day before the awards, and Latocha was aware that she and Kandi were wearing the rose gold/silver color, although they believed that Tamika was planning to wear a red dress. Tiny claimed that she was going to try to get Tamika on board to match with the other ladies.

The women all said that the dress situation was not as serious as social media made it out to be.

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