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WWE’s Tiffany Stratton shows off stunning new look from NXT match

wwe nxt superstar tiffany stratton
WWE NXT superstar Tiffany Stratton brought a unique look to her recent match. Pic credit: @tiffanywwe/Instagram

A day after competing in a huge match to close out WWE NXT 2.0, superstar Tiffany Stratton showed off the stunning new ring gear she wore during her battle with Wendy Choo.

Stratton typically wears light pink and white ring gear or a red and white theme. However, for Tuesday night’s match, she had a black top and shorts featuring pink trim. Pink lacing crisscrossed the center of her top and the sides of her trunks to keep things together.

Tiffany wore pink knee-high boots, and her hair also matched with pink streaks of the color mixed into her intricately-braided long blonde hair.

That created a perfect look for a Lights Out match, where the arena was darker than usual. The darker gear might have even given some advantage since there was less light for Tiffany’s opponent to see her in.

Tiffany showed off four images of herself wearing the gear on her official Instagram, including facing forwards poses, a bicep flex, and a shot of the back of her ring gear.

“On applications I write pressure cuz that’s what I apply,” she wrote in her caption, quoting a line from the song Freaky Girl by Nicki Minaj.

Fans react to Tiffany Stratton’s new look

With Tiffany showing off last night’s attire to her many followers on Instagram, they left various feedback about the changed-up NXT ring gear. The majority of the reviews were in favor of the darker-themed gear.

“Loved your gear and you were awesome last night,” one fan commented in support of Tiffany’s look.

fan praises tiffany stratton gear from nxt match
Pic credit: @tiffanywwe/Instagram

“This should be your WWE 2K23 attire for the video game 😍,” another fan remarked on the photo series.

fan says tiffany stratton ring gear good for 2k23 game
Pic credit: @tiffanywwe/Instagram

“This woman here is MONEY and future main roster women’s champion!” another fan wrote, praising Stratton’s work on NXT.

fan praises tiffany stratton ring work
Pic credit: @tiffanywwe/Instagram

Based on the reactions from fans, many are expecting big things from Tiffany Stratton in her future with WWE and professional wrestling.

Tiffany battled Wendy Choo in potential feud finale

During this past Tuesday’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode, Tiffany Stratton fought against her recent rival, Wendy Choo. However, this wasn’t any ordinary match.

The two women competed in a Lights Out Match, where the arena lights were dimmed, and anything was legal during their fight. With that in mind, various weapons were used during the match.

Some of the crazy items wielded as weapons included tennis rackets, trash cans, a spray can, a steel chair, and Wendy’s pillow with Lego bricks inside the case. At one point, Wendy scattered the Legos all over the ring mat, but Tiffany eventually slammed Wendy onto them.

The close saw Wendy slam Tiffany through a small bed without a mattress set up at ringside. Wendy rolled Tiffany back into the ring, hit a Vader Bomb off the top rope, and pinned her rival for the big victory, seemingly ending their feud.

It’s unknown what’s next for Tiffany Stratton, but it’s believed she might be able to contend for a championship soon.

That could be the unified women’s championship following the triple threat match involving Blair Davenport, Mandy Rose, and Meiko Satomura. Depending on when she goes there, it could also be a championship on the main roster.

WWE NXT 2.0 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.