WWE’s Shotzi and Scarlett Bordeaux sizzle in Halloween-themed music video

shotzi blackheart in wwe music video i put a spell on you
WWE’s Shotzi appears in the music video for I Put a Spell on You. Pic credit: WWE

The spooky season is here, and several wrestling stars have joined forces to celebrate the occasion with a sizzling Halloween-themed song and music video.

It features WWE superstars Shotzi and Scarlett Bordeaux working alongside fellow pro wrestler Harley Cameron. Wrestling fans have seen Harley in All Elite Wrestling, while Shotzi and Scarlett appear regularly on WWE’s SmackDown.

Both WWE stars are known for the dark characters they portray, with Shotzi also proving she’s a massive fan of horror and Halloween on her social media. Now she’s gone witch-mode with her fellow wrestling stars.

The green-haired wrestling beauty recently took to Instagram to share several posts teasing her costume from WWE’s music video with photos from professional photographers Illite Fotos.

In one image (below), Shotzi poses in front of horror movie posters, including the original Halloween, The Conjuring, and Critters.

She wears an all-black costume with plenty of her tattoos and skin showing, thanks to cut-out fishnet tights and the skimpy nature of her outfit. 

The costume, seemingly made of leather or latex, features a black bra and bikini bottoms with stars on them. She also wears black chaps with eye-catching flames and other designs along the sides. Various metal buckles, beads, grommets, and hardware are all part of her costume’s unique design.

Shotzi, real name Ashley Urbanski, wears bold red lipstick and green eye shadow as part of the look to match her trademark hair. Completing the visual is a black choker necklace with a pendant featuring an open eye.

“THE FINAL GIRL #finalgirl #greenhair #horrormovieposter #31daysofhalloween,” Shotzi wrote in her caption for the post.

The look above is part of her recent appearance in a WWE music video, which features two wrestling co-stars and a variety of captivating costumes and Halloween props.

Scarlett Bordeaux shows off costume

As mentioned, Shotzi is just one of the stars in the new video. Karrion Kross’ wife and ringside manager, Scarlett Bordeaux, also sang vocals for the song and appeared in the music video.

She shared a photo on her Instagram, also from Illite Fotos, which features her in a stunning outfit she wears in the video. In her picture, she’s seated on a throne-like chair, presumably as part of her witch role for the music video.

Scarlett wears a gorgeous, dark, shoulderless dress with a high leg slit on one side. Just like Shotzi, she’s also wearing a black choker necklace and pendant. In her seated pose, she shows one leg and keeps a hand on her thigh as she averts her gaze away from the camera or viewer.

“Under your spell…2 days until the witching hour,” Scarlett wrote in her caption with various emojis such as a moon and stars.

Scarlett also shared the photo below, which includes her standing between Harley and Shotzi as a teaser for the music video. All three women wear black leather or latex outfits and choker necklaces with candles in hand as part of their witch theme.

Harley Cameron reveals stunning costume

Wrestling star Harley Cameron, real name Danni Ellexo, has teamed up with Scarlett and Shotzi before. According to Fightful’s report, the trio recorded the song Indestructible in 2021.

She isn’t currently with WWE, but she’s been on the independent wrestling scene and AEW Dark. Just like her friends Shotzi and Scarlett, she showed off an outfit from their music video.

A photo of a sideways pose from the music video shows her long blonde locks flowing down her front and back while holding the mic stand. Harley has her gaze away from the camera.

She wears a black, shoulderless, leather corset mini-dress featuring intricate patterns on the top and mesh side panels. It’s also just one of several stunning outfits she’s rocking in the music video (below).

Shotzi, Scarlett, and Harley ‘put a spell’ on WWE fans

After the various wrestling stars teased their costumes and the music video, WWE officially released it on their YouTube channel on Friday, October 14.

It’s for their cover of I Put a Spell on You from the popular Halloween film Hocus Pocus. In the new song’s music video, the women perform in a creative and dark Halloween set complete with skulls, skeletons, cages, chains, and candles, captivating listeners and viewers.

The song and video are also part of the promotion for WWE’s Halloween Havoc, an NXT event scheduled for October 22. As of this report, the three women haven’t been announced for any matches there. Harley is married to WWE NXT superstar Xyon Quinn, but he’s not currently on the card either.

Based on the details in the YouTube description, the song is coming soon on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. Check out the full two-minute song with the accompanying visuals below:

The song and music video show off the three women’s gorgeous costumes and their talents as far as singing and performance go. That, along with fan feedback, could be enough to inspire WWE to do something further with the trio.

Perhaps a new faction within pro wrestling featuring these three dark sirens as they keep fans and superstars under their captivating spell?

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX. AEW Dark is available weekly on YouTube.

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