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WWE’s Sasha Banks in colorful bikini top and pants celebrates being #1

Sasha Banks close up
Sasha Banks close up. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

WWE star Sasha Banks is confirming is she is “number one” while stunning fans in a skimpy bikini look.

Sasha, 30, posted outdoors and under blue skies while tagging herself in Los Angeles, CA.

The pro wrestler and social media favorite is fresh from swimwear-clad updates for her 5 million+ Instagram followers – while they come amid headlines Sasha is making for having her car broken into in Oakland, CA, there was no drama talk as she posted her photos and videos today.

Sizzling from the concrete as she struck edgy poses and sent out streetwear vibes, Sasha opened crouched down while in a stringy bikini top in yellow and pink.

The athlete paired her top with printed matching pants, plus a sleeve detail affording a bolero feel, also rocking her hair down and straightened.

Drawing attention to her toned arms and rock-hard abs, Sasha added in white sneakers with a swipe right offering a better view of the ensemble – meanwhile, a caption read: “I’m the only one.”

In a video shared shortly afterward, the star walked toward the camera in slow motion before whipping her hair around and writing: “I’m number one.”

Sasha Banks all about the fresh kicks

Sasha likely paid attention to her choice of footwear during the shoot – the hard-hitting star puts a real emphasis on how she styles her feet.

“You know, I love shoes. Who doesn’t? All girls should. All guys should. I have a huge collection that’s bigger than my closet. Actually, recently I got rid of ten shoes and I was like, ‘Man, that was a waste of money,'” she told Uproxx.

In April, Sasha updated her Instagram with a photo of a dog in a hoodie, also featuring a multicolor pair of sneakers as she shouted out retailer Footlocker.

Sasha Banks says she’s the ‘Beyonce of wrestling’

Sasha may face competition from fellow WWE faces including Carmella and Mandy Rose, but from her end, she’s all set.

“I mean, I feel like I’m an inspiration to the world,” she continued, adding: “I feel like everything I wear is very flash, very blingy. I want to “make sure when I walk out there that all eyes on are me. So I like looking at Beyonce; she’s an inspiration because I do say I am the Beyonce of wrestling. Rihanna, of course, Floyd Mayweather, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, you know, all the major people in Hollywood, that’s what Sasha Banks is. I’m major, you know?”

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