WWE’s Roxanne Perez wows in Pennywise-inspired ring gear for Halloween Havoc

roxanne perez during wwe nxt segment
Roxanne Perez during a segment on WWE NXT about her former friend Cora Jade. Pic credit: WWE

Roxanne Perez recently revealed her stunning look from WWE NXT’s Halloween Havoc as she paid tribute to a classic horror movie and its iconic star.

The NXT superstar battled her former friend in a match involving all types of weapons, and her gear may have brought a fear factor along with her impressive ring skills.

Paying homage to Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s IT, Roxanne’s outfit consisted of a mostly-white halter top and matching trunks featuring blood-red designs on them and a ruffled look similar to the terrifying clown’s costume.

Her arm bands featured blood-red crisscrossing straps and an armband featuring the captivating white and red design.

Roxanne also wore fishnet tights, with leg coverings up to her knees that were white and similar to what Pennywise wore for that iconic costume.

She rocked a pair of high-top Converse, which had a white background, black laces, and a lightly airbrushed red look up toward the ankles.

For makeup, she wore bold red lipstick and dark eye shadow and kept her black hair in pigtails. Like Pennywise, Roxanne also held a small red balloon in her hand for her photo.

“Your worst dream come true,” the NXT superstar wrote in her caption, including a red balloon emoji.

On her Instagram Story, Roxanne gave fans a better look at the sweet kicks she wore as part of the ring gear. In addition to the airbrushed red color, one shoe features a red balloon on the side, and the other a paper boat, straight out of the movie IT.

Roxanne credited @j3_customs for creating such a unique design for the shoes.

roxanne perez shows halloween havoc shoes
Pic credit: @roxanne_wwe/Instagram

Fans react to Roxanne’s look and match

Roxanne’s Pennywise-inspired ring gear from NXT’s Halloween Havoc grabbed lots of attention based on how she pulled off the stunning look in tribute to Stephen King’s spooky clown. As of this writing, there were over 23,000 Likes and 500-plus comments on her post.

“Wow I freaking love you,” wrote her NXT co-star Jacy Jayne, who was also involved in Halloween Havoc.

jacy jayne comments about roxanne nxt gear
Pic credit: @roxanne_wwe/Instagram

“Best gear of the night by a country mile🔥,” a fan remarked about Roxanne’s look.

fan praises roxanne perez nxt ring gear
Pic credit: @roxanne_wwe/Instagram

“Pennywise never looked this hot,” another fan said, praising Roxanne’s Halloween Havoc gear.

fan reacts to pennywise ring gear roxanne perez nxt
Pic credit: @roxanne_wwe/Instagram

Roxanne participated in Halloween Havoc match

At NXT’s Halloween Havoc, Roxanne battled her former friend, Cora Jade, with whom she also formerly held the WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. It was their second meeting in the ring, as Cora previously defeated Cora at Heatwave in a singles match, with a Kendo Stick part of the win.

Appropriately, the two fought in a Weapons Wild match at Halloween Havoc. That meant various foreign objects were available to use throughout the bout. Cora brought her trademark Kendo Stick to the battle. Roxanne arrived at the ring with a skateboard, which is what Cora used to attack her several months ago.

Other weapons that came into play included trash cans, rope, chains, metal chairs, and, eventually, a table set up in the ringside area. At one point, Roxanne and Cora battled in a pre-show stage area that was set up in the stands near some of the crowd.

In a crazy spot, the two former friends ended up falling together backward from that area of the arena and crashed through the table down below. WWE shared a video highlight (below) of the big moment from the match.

Back in the ring, multiple steel chairs were already on the mat, and the women looked to take advantage. Roxanne got the upper hand, hitting her finisher Pop Rox with Cora onto the chairs for a winning pinfall.

With her win among Halloween Havoc’s results, Roxanne has evened the score with Cora, as each of these NXT stars has now won a match. One has to wonder when, where, and how they might decide the rubberneck situation to break the 1-1 tie in this feud involving former friends and tag team champs.

Other NXT stars victorious at the event included WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, NXT Champion Bronn Breakker, and Wes Lee, who captured the NXT North American Championship.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA. Halloween Havoc is available on demand via Peacock.

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