WWE’s Nikkita Lyons wows in plunging sweater and comfy shorts with message for fans

wwe nxt star nikkita lyons
WWE star Nikkita Lyons continues to increase her fanbase with sizzling content on social media. Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

WWE star Nikkita Lyons is ready for bigger and better things in the new year, as she recently wowed fans with a comfy-yet-stunning look and inspirational message.

Lyons, real name Faith Jefferies, typically wears eye-catching ring gear for NXT matches and appearances. However, her latest attire was a casual look consisting of a dark blue-green sweater with a plunging top and matching shorts.

The 23-year-old posed her 5-foot-8 frame lying down on her side as she rested her hand on an open book featuring a black and white photo.

Along with her comfortable clothes, Lyon had a dazzling gold tiara or crown upon her head featuring green jewels.

Her photo was one of the latest captures for J.R. Hutter, well known for shooting other wrestling stars, including Mandy Rose, Chelsea Green, and Tiffany Stratton.

“We got moves to make…Ride the wave or move out the way, respectfully. ??? #2023 #LyonPride,” she wrote in her caption for her followers.

The captivating shot brought Lyons over 84,000 likes and 1,000-plus comments from fans admiring her look and the message.

Nikkita Lyons commented about her training and gym work

Lyons looks fantastic in her latest shot, and much of that is thanks to spending time training. However, some fans feel she doesn’t show enough of that on her social media.

Online comments she’s received about her lack of workout content on her social media pages brought Lyons to comment on the matter.

“Just because someone doesn’t post themselves training, in the gym, building their business, etc all the time, doesn’t mean the work isn’t being put in… it’s called working in silence not every move has to be blurted out,” Lyons tweeted.

nikkita lyons on workout routine
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

Lyon’s outspoken tweet led to over 4,900 likes and 380 Retweets on the microblogging platform, showing that many fans have her back.

Nikkita Lyons’ workouts include boxing and kickboxing

While Lyons doesn’t share every last rep or exercise she does during her workout routines, she’s been known to show off clips of her fight training on Instagram.

In a video from July 2022, she’s getting in a sweat, working on various moves with a training partner, including jabs, roundhouse kicks, and even a takedown move. The workout provides Lyons with great cardio in addition to helping her improve her agility and in-ring skills.

In a September 2022 video, Lyons is at it again, utilizing a punching bag and gloves to get in a series of shots as part of her workout.

Lyons has shared other video clips to her Instagram, including time spent working out at the gym. In an Instagram post below, she’s performing squats with a barbell and weight plates, as well as lunges using a weighted bag on her shoulders.

She’s yet to reveal her full workout in any fitness magazines or on fellow WWE star Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel.

However, she will likely be among the featured guests once she hits WWE’s main roster. Until then, fans can follow her @nikkita_wwe Instagram to see what she’s up to.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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