WWE’s Natalya Neidhart gets heartfelt message from sister Jenni for WrestleMania 39

wwe star natalya neidhart in helmet from shotzi selfie
WWE’s Natalya Neidhart wears specially-designed helmet from her WrestleMania 39 tag team partner Shotzi. Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

Sisterly love was in effect ahead of WrestleMania 39, as WWE’s Natalya Neidhart received a heartfelt message from her sister Jenni.

Jenni’s supportive words arrived with a stunning shot of the two siblings as they wore captivating outfits and sat together with smiles on their faces.

In the photo, both women are fully glammed up, with Natalya’s blonde locks looking short and styled as part of her hair covers a portion of her face.

Jenni’s brunette locks flowed down past her shoulders onto the frilly dress she was rocking, which almost resembled a flapper-style dress.

Natalya had her makeup styled with dark lashes and brows to go with a pink lip or gloss. She kept the accessories minimal for this shoot, with one dangling earring visible.

The WWE star was decked out in a neutral-colored bikini that nearly matched her spray tan with a mesh net dress over it. She kept one leg crossed over the other and a hand resting on her knee as both women revealed their legs and feet in the shot.

“So excited for Nattie to be in #WrestleMania tonight! We’re cheering you on @natbynature ?,” Jenni wrote in a sweet message to her sister.

With Jenni currently boasting 262,000 followers on the Gram, her latest share racked up over 19,000 likes and 240-plus comments about their sisterly love, gorgeous attire, and the upcoming WrestleMania event.

Natalya appeared in a match on the second night of WrestleMania 39

WWE’s WrestleMania has become a full-week celebration, culminating in two nights of matches for Mania.

The first night’s card featured just two women in action, with Charlotte Flair defending the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Rhea Ripley. The second featured Asuka vs. Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Natalya was also part of the second night of matches in a Women’s WrestleMania Showcase fatal four-way tag team match.

The former champion teamed up with Shotzi Blackheart as they battled the teams of Liv Morgan with Raquel Rodriguez, Chelsea Green with Sonya Deville, and Ronda Rousey with Shayna Baszler. Nattie competed on behalf of her team in a SmackDown fatal four-way on SmackDown the night before.

According to Bleacher Report, Rousey and Baszler won the showdown at Mania via submission, locking an armbar on Shotzi to make her tap out. However, all the ladies got some time to shine in the match. That included Natalya putting her trademark Figure Four submission hold on two opponents at once in an impressive spot.

Her entrance also included riding on Shotzi’s trademark tank and donning a specially-designed helmet that her tag partner created.

Natalya seems far from done regarding her WWE in-ring battles, so don’t be surprised to see her continue appearing on SmackDown against top opponents from the roster.

Natalya shared an intense workout session with WWE’s Sheamus

Several years ago, Natalya appeared on fellow WWE star Sheamus’ YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts. The former WWE Women’s Champion presented a workout she referred to as “building in the front and stacking in the back.”

“Being a former women’s champion, it’s important to keep your curves, and this workout will help all of you ladies, you know, keep that,” Natalya said.

For the routine, Natalya took Sheamus through a warmup on a rowing machine to get some cardio first.

“You just gotta get moving. When you start to move, you get the blood flowing, and you really get everything firing,” she shared.

From there, they did repetitions of squats, clean and jerks, lunges, deadlifts, and several jumping exercises for the lower body. They wrapped it up with weighted sled pushes outdoors to complete the challenging routine.

It even left Sheamus flat on his back and out of breath as he praised his colleague at the end of the video.

“You can see why she’s one of the toughest superstars in the WWE. She’s relentless. She’s motivated. She’s tough. She’s intense, and most of all, she does whatever it takes to win,” Sheamus said.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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