WWE’s Maxxine Dupri in thigh-skimming dress and stockings makes statement

maxxine dupri backstage selfie on instagram
Maxxine Dupri shows off hair and makeup in a backstage selfie. Pic credit: @maxxinedupri/Instagram

WWE SmackDown has sizzled for the past several months as Maxxine Dupri, and the Maximum Male Models look to take over the runway.

Now it appears Maxxine may be ready to take over a bigger role with the MMM faction as she continues to shine as a superstar on the blue brand.

This past Friday, the 25-year-old wrestling star made another stunning appearance on the show alongside Mace and Mansoor.
Maxxine, real name Sydney Zmrzel, wore a sleek black dress that hit thigh level.

To go with it, she also wore a pair of black stockings and shiny black shoes.
In a series of photos she shared on her Instagram, Maxxine is also rocking her silver “M” pendant on a necklace and some dark shades for a striking look as she stands between the models with her hands on her hips.

“I always knew Maxxine’s Male Models was better anyways,” she wrote in her caption, suggesting a change after Friday’s show.

Fans react to Maxxine’s look and message

Maxxine’s latest Instagram post quickly picked up interest and feedback from fans. As of this writing, over 6,000 Likes were on the post with 70-plus comments about her look or the statement she made.

“Good god, that outfit on SD yesterday was absolute [fire emoji], so good,” one fan remarked about Maxxine’s latest look.

fan reacts maxxine dupri smackdown look
Pic credit: @maxxinedupri/Instagram

“Always been the main character and always will be,” another fan commented, adding devil and heart emojis.

fan praises maxxine dupri as main character
Pic credit: @maxxinedupri/Instagram

“You should definitely take over. Max gotta go!” yet another fan wrote in their comments regarding the direction of MMM.

fan suggests maxxine take over male models wwe
Pic credit: @maxxinedupri/Instagram

Maxxine taking over MMM after SmackDown segment?

Based on Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown, it seems Maxxine Dupri could be in charge of the Maximum Male Models. The group already had tension as her brother, Max Dupri, was not happy with them modeling so much rather than actually winning matches.

He reached a boiling point on Friday when Maxxine seemed to suggest MMM had a shot at a title, but only to say it was the title for the longest modeling poses held. That irked Max, causing him to walk away from the group frustrated.

He returned later and disrupted things just as they were about to set a record, knocking down one of his models before storming off.

That segment suggests that Max is no longer part of this group and is likely venturing off on his own path. Many fans believe this could open the door for the return of his LA Knight character, which would open the door for Maxxine to shine as the boss of MMM.

The former NXT star known as Sofia Cromwell seems more than capable of handling the attention and working well with the models, so it should be interesting to see how this goes for all parties involved.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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