WWE’s Maryse Mizanin wows in thigh-skimming black dress for Raw

wwe maryse mizanin shares october 2022 selfie
Wrestling star Maryse Mizanin poses in a selfie on Instagram from October 2022. Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

Maryse Mizanin seemed to have stolen the show with her beautiful attire during a recent WWE Raw appearance, which also featured her husband, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, and his current rival, Dexter Lumis.

The “It Couple” appeared during The Miz’s birthday celebration segment, but Lumis crashed the party and caused chaos in the ring.

However, ahead of that, Maryse stunned fans in a thigh-skimming black skirt featuring a black collar and a plunging swirl cut with transparent paneling down the front. She wore black heels and sheer hosiery as a part of the look.

Maryse also held a pair of glittery silver ball ornaments hanging from a chain in her hand as part of the running gimmick started during The Miz’s rivalry with Logan Paul.

Her Instagram post featured multiple images of her wearing the gorgeous dress and posing in a backstage area of the arena.

However, a few other shots captured the aftermath of the mayhem in the ring when Maryse crashed into a birthday cake as Miz was getting attacked by Lumis. The former Women’s Champion was in disarray, with her dress featuring cake frosting on it and her hair a mess.

“This is my night!!!!” she wrote in her caption, using a hashtag for “#raw” with it.

Fans react to Maryse Mizanin’s dress and Raw appearance

With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Maryse picked up over 67,000 Likes and 350-plus comments on her latest IG photo series. Many were from fans admiring her look or reacting to the WWE Raw segment.

“You were the main event so trueee,” one fan commented about Maryse’s appearance.

fan comments about maryse on wwe raw segment
Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

“You look soo beautiful Maryse,” a fan said, adding emojis such as flames, hearts, and heart-eye faces.

fan reacts to maryse beautiful look in dress for raw
Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

“She is fine. Then she’s a fine mess. #HOTMESSSMARYSR,” another fan said, regarding the before and after images.

wwe fan reacts to maryse as fine mess
Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

Dexter Lumis’ attack spoiled party on WWE Raw

The Miz and his wife, Maryse Mizanin, were in the ring for a birthday bash segment which saw Miz receiving two large red bouncing balls as gifts. He also had a cake, an ice sculpture, balloons, and presents on a table.

At one point, he picked up a gift box, and underneath was his recent rival’s head popping up from the table. Miz put the box back on and attempted to whack it with a bat, but upon turning the table over, Lumis was gone.

As Miz and Maryse cautiously looked around the ring for Lumis, he eventually snuck up on them from behind, grabbing Miz in a chokehold. Miz kicked Maryse by accident several times, causing her to go flying face-first into the giant birthday cake.

The result was a ruined birthday celebration for the It couple, with Lumis again getting the upper hand on Miz. Based on WWE Raw results, Lumis was also granted a match against Miz, and if he wins, he’ll get a contract with WWE. However, The Miz can get rid of him for good by defeating him in the match.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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