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WWE’s Maryse Mizanin shows off sizzling SummerSlam outfit

maryse mizanin during miz and mrs episode
Maryse Mizanin appears in an episode of Miz & Mrs. Pic credit: WWE/YouTube

With WWE SummerSlam in Nashville, Tennessee, Maryse Mizanin was clearly one of the standout stars of the show, based on fan feedback about her scorching hot ringside outfit.

Maryse, who was at the event to cheer on her husband, The Miz, in his match versus Logan Paul, wore a stunning one-piece black bodysuit complete with strategic see-through paneling.

She also donned high-heeled black boots and a bright green jacket to match her husband’s ring attire, consisting of a long green coat, headband, and boots with various artwork.

Their jackets also featured black patches and crisscrossing stitches on the sleeves, with futuristic silver and black stripes and shapes prominent throughout the design.

Maryse also carried that glittering pair of silver balls she’d had with her during her appearance earlier in the week when she wore a tight pink latex skirt on WWE Raw.

The French Canadian wrestling star shared an Instagram photo of herself walking with Miz down the ramp on the way to his SummerSlam match, captioning it with an “#ItCouple” hashtag.

Maryse wowed fans with rear-view images

The photo above was one of several items Maryse and The Miz posted on Instagram about their WWE SummerSlam match.

An additional set of images showed off a backside view of Maryse’s eye-catching ring gear and how her jacket had “MRS” written in sparkly silver letters with black trim.

In another post, The Miz showed off how the back of his jacket featured large “MIZ” letters. He stood next to Maryse, potentially giving some free advertising for their reality TV series, “Miz & Mrs.”

However, many fans might not have even noticed the letters in the photo, with Maryse giving another shot of the backside of her gear which features mesh or see-through panels on the skimpy outfit, which includes sheer hosiery.

Later, Maryse provided her fans and followers with a sizzling rear-view video from the backstage area, showing a jaw-dropping walk.

With the clip set to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back, Maryse struts away from the camera, offering a booty display as she carries those sparkling balls, a joke about The Miz that was part of the Logan Paul promotions on Raw.

The above video has since racked up over 500 comments, and nearly 61,000 Like as of this writing, showing it was a SummerSlam scorcher for Maryse and WWE.

One individual suggested that Maryse “stole the show” with her impressive ring gear during The Miz’s match.

maryse fan claims she stole the show at summerslam
Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

“Now that’s what we call walk of fame,” another fan remarked on the rear-view Baby Got Back video Maryse shared.

fan compliments wwe star maryse for summerslam gear
Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

“Hottest woman in WWE!!” another individual commented, heaping praise on the 39-year-old wrestling star Maryse.

fan calls maryse mizanin hottest in wwe
Pic credit: @marysemizanin/Instagram

Maryse was part of SummerSlam’s early matches

The WWE SummerSlam 2022 card was full of action, with the matches going on for over three hours in Nashville. The Miz and Maryse were involved in one of the early matches of the evening as Miz battled newcomer Logan Paul, who had a grudge to settle after WrestleMania 38.

Miz also had his recent ally, Ciampa, ringside for support and potential interference. However, that didn’t work out so well as the referee ejected Ciampa at one point due to his antics during the match. When Ciampa refused to leave the ringside area, AJ Styles showed up to get rid of him.

Maryse was able to stay nearby and try to distract Logan Paul. However, she eventually watched with fear as Paul connected on a highlight frog splash off the top rope onto Miz, who he’d laid out on the announcers’ table.

Despite Maryse’s ringside support, Miz couldn’t capture the win. Ultimately, Logan Paul was victorious by pinfall, picking up his second win as a WWE superstar.

Even those he was on the losing side of things at SummerSlam, The Miz is still married to Maryse, and most fans would likely agree that’s a major win for “The most must-see superstar in WWE.”

WWE Raw airs Monday at 8/7c on USA. WWE SummerSlam is available for streaming on Peacock.

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