WWE’s Mandy Rose sizzles in tank top and jeans for Toxic Attraction dance

wwe superstar mandy rose
Wrestling star Mandy Rose looked stunning as always in her latest NXT clip. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

WWE NXT star Mandy Rose showed fans some of her captivating dance moves in a fun and humorous clip featuring her Toxic Attraction allies. Along with that, she and her friends went to work to sell some of their merch during the NXT event.

In clips she shared on her social media, Rose wore a plunging tank top or bodysuit in a chocolate brown color featuring a sleek wet look and thin shoulder straps. The sleeveless top easily exposed Rose’s sculpted arms and shoulders.

She paired it with tight black jeans featuring stylish rips around the knees, a Gucci belt cinched around her waist, and chunky high-heel boots.

Rose appeared to have returned to her blonde hair and let her long straight locks fall down her back in the video clip.

Rose has her friends Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne in one clip with her. The video opens with Rose flipping her long hair to the sides and back, hitting Gigi and Jacy in their faces.

Vocals from a remix of the popular Bee Gees track, Stayin’ Alive, come on. The “Ah, ha, ha, ha” intro is cleverly synced up with Gigi seeming to say those words as her reaction to getting hit by Rose’s hair.

Soon after, the trio begins to dance in unison to the song’s uptempo beat as it plays for a short bit, and then the funny clip ends.

“Staying alive #toxicattraction,” Rose wrote for her video’s caption, with Gigi and Jacy tagged in the clip.

As of this writing, the Instagram post, which Rose initially shared on her TikTok, picked up over 49,000 likes and 500-plus comments.

Rose and Toxic Attraction promoted merch at NXT event

Along with having some fun in their dance clip backstage, Toxic Attraction was also working to sell some of their new merchandise. The trio appeared in a longer video Rose shared ahead of the dance routine.

This video had Rose announcing, “We are live,” as she, Jacy, and Gigi appeared in the arena for Tuesday evening’s NXT show. They revealed they were working at a merchandise stand to sell the new Toxic Attraction items.

The NXT Women’s Champion showed a Toxic Attraction hat they had available, and Jacy clarified, “No, that is not a Nikki Bella hat.”

Jacy also held up one of the Toxic Attraction shirts, which are available at the WWE Shop online. The group promoted their merch in other video clips within the past week, but for the latest NXT event, they revealed they’d “taken over” the merch stand to surprise the fans.

During her IG Live video, Rose mentioned that she and her Toxic Attraction friends were being told they might have to move so they wouldn’t get “swarmed” by fans at the merchandise stand.

The video also revealed more of Rose in her stunning outfit, which included accessories such as a shiny gold necklace and an elegant wristwatch.

Rose and her pals advised fans to buy the new merchandise as Christmas gifts for the whole family.

Mandy Rose also promoted Pricklee

Rose isn’t just about promoting WWE merch and NXT events but also about helping people stay healthy. Earlier in the evening, she was active on her Instagram story to promote one of her favorite beverages, Pricklee cactus water.

“@DRINKPRICKLEE ALWAYS KEEPING ME HYDRATED,” she wrote over a slide showing off several cans of the drink.

“the best cactus water you’ll ever have!!” Rose also wrote in promoting the product.

mandy rose promotes pricklee beverage
Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Pricklee is one of the several products or services that Rose promotes through her Instagram bio’s link along with her online fitness program and Amarose skincare products.

According to the Pricklee webpage, their beverages provide “Delicious Hydration From A Cactus” and “Natural Antioxidants + Electrolytes.” In addition, they have “50% less sugar + Calories” compared to coconut water.

The Pricklee website features several flavors, including their Prickly Pear original, Wild Strawberry plus Hibiscus, and Tropical Mango plus Ginger.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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