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WWE’s Mandy Rose in sports bra and tight shorts for sauna sweat session

wwe star mandy rose shares selfie with fans on ig page
Mandy Rose shares a selfie with her social media followers. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

WWE superstar Mandy Rose was back in the sauna for another sweat session ahead of her next potential NXT television appearance.

The 32-year-old wrestling star took to her Instagram Story, showing off her time in the sauna wearing a grey sports bra and black compression shorts.

Rose also had a black and pink Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer cinched around her waist and a grey smartwatch on her wrist as she sat dripping in sweat inside the small sauna.

“2nd Round for Today,” text said at the bottom of Rose’s Instagram Story slide, with the song Appreciate Everything by French Montana playing.

After showing herself sweaty in the sauna, she flipped the phone’s camera perspective to show off her smartwatch. Rose’s stats showed 714 active calories, 919 total calories, and a heart rate of 138 beats per minute.

Based on those details, Rose might have just completed a cardio session before getting into the sauna for some necessary recovery from the workout.

Mandy Rose says recovery is essential with workouts

While Mandy Rose was never officially striving for a career in professional wrestling, that’s where fitness competitions eventually brought her with an audition on WWE’s show, Tough Enough.

She didn’t win that show but still got signed by WWE in 2017, and the rest is history. Rose has maintained an impressive physique, and her in-ring skills have constantly improved with hard work and dedication.

According to a Muscle & Fitness report, she initially worked with strength and conditioning coach Sean Hayes to develop a routine while in NXT years ago. That was ahead of her move to the main roster and eventual return to NXT, where she became women’s champion last year.

For her routine now, Rose has continued using some of what Hayes taught her and combined it with what she knew from her background as a fitness competitor.

The WWE NXT Women’s Champion indicated she usually works out “five or six days per week,” and each workout is at least an hour. Rose said that the lower body is her favorite area to train.

“I get a great feeling after a good squat day or leg session. That rush of serotonin is part of why I continue to work out and live a healthy lifestyle,” Rose said.

In addition to working out, the other aspects that Mandy Rose fully believes in are eating healthy and recovery time, including sleep and various work on her body by professionals.

“Recovery is very important with how much we train,” she said. “Rest for me is No. 1, because I need my seven to eight hours of sleep every night. And whenever I can get body work done, like a massage or chiropractor session, I do it.”

Rose to compete in NXT title unification match

Rose is doing things right, as she’s been part of a historic reign as WWE NXT Women’s Champion. As of this report, she’ll pass former champion Saraya Bevis, best known as WWE’s Paige, this week.

Paige, the first-ever NXT Women’s champ, held the title for an unrecognized reign totaling 308 days. WWE recognized her reign as official once the recorded episode she won the title aired. Based on that, WWE recognized her reign as 273 days.

Next up for Rose to catch and pass is another WWE icon, Charlotte Flair. The multiple-time champ had two reigns as NXT Women’s Champion for a combined 321 days. Just two weeks from passing that, Mandy is heading towards a huge match that could end her run.

She’ll compete in a championship unification match featuring Blair Davenport and WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura.

One of the three women will leave NXT World’s Collide on September 4 with both women’s championship belts. Should Rose do that, it will be yet another remarkable achievement to go along with the impressive resume she’s been building in WWE.

WWE NXT 2.0 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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