WWE’s Liv Morgan wows in stringy ring gear with message for fans

wwe superstar liv morgan shares selfie for ring performance
WWE star Liv Morgan during a SmackDown appearance. Pic credit: WWE

Wrestling star Gionna Daddio, best known as WWE’s Liv Morgan, is on an interesting path following the loss of the SmackDown Women’s Championship, with fans trying to predict what’s next.

The 28-year-old superstar took to her Instagram page on Monday, sharing a photo of herself wearing some unique ring gear as she sent a message to her fans, foes, and potential allies.

Liv’s dark look featured all-black gear, including a shoulderless black top with crisscrossing straps and strings.

The stringy top also connected to her black trunks, which featured strategic side cutouts and a shiny studded design around the borders. A frontward and backward “L” for her name also stands out in the middle of the trunks. Additionally, Liv wore fishnet tights and a black band around one thigh.

Further adding to a mismatched look are her two different armbands or sleeves. On one side, Liv had a full mesh sleeve extending up to her shoulder with black tape around her wrist.

On the other arm, she wore the same black tape wrapped around her wrist with more crisscrossing tape going up part of her arm.

Regarding accessories, Liv wore a black choker, and several rings were visible on one hand. In the photo, she has her makeup primarily dark, with her long blonde hair flowing down her fit physique as she shoots a serious stare.

“& we are only just getting started,” Liv wrote in her IG caption, possibly hinting that there’s much more on the way for her character change.

Fans react to Liv’s unique look

As she continues to excel within WWE, Liv Morgan gains more followers on social media. She currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, so most pics or videos she shares get many reactions. As of this report, her “just getting started” post had over 100,000 Likes and 1,100-plus comments.

“Looking fantastic and determined,” a fan wrote with a flexing arm and several heart-eyed emojis.

fan reacts to liv morgan photo
Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

“Hey @yaonlylivvonce You’re amazing and you always look good while you’re doing your stuff in the ring,” another fan wrote.

wwe fan praises liv morgan with recent ring gear pic
Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

Some fans had suggestions for what Liv needs to do next in WWE, including maybe her joining the Judgment Day group along with Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, and company.

fan recommends liv morgan join judgment day
Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

Liv Morgan may become WWE heel

Earlier this year, Liv was on the rise as she received a serious push with plenty of support from fans wanting to see her become champion. She went on to win the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, which gave her the prized MITB briefcase.

Liv successfully cashed it in for a championship match the same night, defeating a tired and beat-up Ronda Rousey, who had just finished defending her title against Natalya.

With that, Liv became WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and was able to defend it against Rousey in a rematch, followed by Shayna Baszler. At Extreme Rules, Liv’s championship reign ended as Ronda defeated her, causing Liv to pass out from a submission hold.

As Liv passed out, fans observed a bizarre smile on her face. Later, her odd behavior continued backstage, suggesting a significant change could be coming. Fans might even see her become a heel, something other women, including Alexa Bliss, Rhea, and Becky Lynch, have successfully done.

On a recent SmackDown, Liv beat up Sonya Deville backstage before jumping to crash through her on a table. That has fans thinking there’s a dark turn happening with Liv’s former fan-friendly personality.

While one fan suggested Judgment Day above, others have suggested Liv will align with Bray Wyatt, who recently returned to WWE. Either way, it should be interesting to see what’s next with Liv and how it helps her as a superstar moving forward.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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