WWE’s Liv Morgan shares gear and entrance for Elimination Chamber

wwe star liv morgan selfie
Liv Morgan was stunning in her Elimination Chamber gear at Saturday’s WWE event in Canada. Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

WWE star Liv Morgan, real name Gionna Daddio, was among the showstoppers during the Elimination Chamber event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The 28-year-old wrestling star attempted to get herself back into the championship picture as she competed in the women’s Elimination Chamber match.

For the battle, she donned eye-catching blue ring gear, which featured a pair of cheeky denim shorts and a sports bra-style top complete with blue straps and metal hardware to hold it in place.

There was also a series of various black straps connected from the bottom of Liv’s bra to her shorts for a very unique look.

She wore a variety of other colors with the outfit, including her boots which featured white, black, and red stripes, laces, or bows on primarily blue boots that ended in a pair of darker-colored shoes.  

Liv’s unique outfit also featured a series of armbands on just one arm in white, blue, and red, as well as one fingerless glove that was primarily blue with fuzzy white edges.

She had bold red lipstick on and dark lashes with thin eyeliner while keeping her blonde hair flowing. A noticeable accessory was her large black thick choker-style neckpiece.

Liv unveiled her Elimination Chamber entrance video for her 2 million followers, calling the event “ELIVINATION CHAMBER.”

Another of the WWE’s global Instagram accounts showed Liv’s head-to-toe look from the Elimination Chamber event.

wwe star liv morgan at elimination chamber
Liv Morgan’s ring gear at Elimination Chamber 2023. Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

Liv Morgan was involved in big spots in the Elimination Chamber match

Saturday’s Elimination Chamber event was the final premium live event on the road to WrestleMania 39. At stake in the women’s Elimination Chamber match was a trip to Mania and a match against WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

To determine the winner, the six women would battle to be the last one standing inside the chamber. It featured two women starting in the match and four sealed pods with other women at the ring corners.

A new woman would enter the match every so often until all competitors were in the match. Eliminations took place via pinfall or submission.

Liv started the contest against Natalya Neidhart and was involved in quite a few big spots during the match. One that stood out was her jumping off one of the pods to perform a Sunset Flip move, slamming Raquel Rodriguez to the mat.

At one point, Liv found herself trapped between a rock and a hard place. Natalya was apple to apply the Sharpshooter on her, but Liv refused to tap out. However, Asuka came over and also applied the Asuka Lock.

Liv passed out after being in two submission holds at once, resulting in the referee saying she was eliminated from the match. Asuka would win the match, eliminating WWE star Carmella last with her submission hold.

Liv shared her paid partnership for video game

In November 2022, Liv revealed a paid partnership involving The Callisto Protocol, a single-player horror survival game for Sony’s PlayStation.

Liv shared a video trailer for The Callisto Protocol to promote the game, showing off some of the gameplay.

“WATCH ME take my thrilling blend of hand-to-hand combat into the world of @callistothegame. The Black Iron Guards and blood-thirsty creatures don’t stand a chance! Join me December 2nd when the game drops on PS4 and PS5,” Liv wrote in her caption.

The game ended up with decent reviews, including a 9 out of 10 from PCGamesN and a 79 out of 100 from PC Gamer in the United States. Liv didn’t share any additional posts featuring the game beyond that, but clearly, the makers of the game sought individuals with large followings on social media to help spread the word.

Liv seems to be gaining more roles in terms of acting too. As her biggest fans saw, she appeared in an episode of Chuck Season 2, albeit one where she was murdered on-screen.

Per her IMDb listing, she will appear in an upcoming star-studded film called The Kill Room. Credited as Gionna Daddio, she doesn’t have a specified role. However, Liv’s costars include Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Manganiello, Uma Thurman, and Maya Hawke.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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