WWE’s Liv Morgan is ‘Ready to Rumble’ in colorful fur coat

liv morgan poses for backstage selfie at wwe event
WWE star Liv Morgan shared a unique look as she revealed her Royal Rumble entry. Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

WWE’s Liv Morgan looked fantastic as she rocked a stylishly unique outfit weeks ahead of her participation in the Royal Rumble.

The 5-foot-4 wrestling star, real name Gionna Daddio, donned a blue bra with a latex look for her top and a pair of dark pinstripe pants.

Over those pieces of clothing, Liv wore a large furry and fuzzy fur coat, which hung down past her knees and looked super comfortable. 

The coat matched well with her bra, featuring large dark blue spots mixed in with some red areas on the primarily white item.

Liv also wore several necklaces for her look, including a black choker and two necklaces featuring colorful beads on them. Rings were visible on her hands in multiple photos as well.

The stunning image picked up plenty of reactions for the superstar, showing that she’d achieved a captivating look.

Liv Morgan shows her unique backstage look

Former champion Liv Morgan shared five unique photos in her Instagram carousel post as she posed backstage at a venue from a recent WWE SmackDown or another event. 

Several pics had her standing or crouching, while a final image provided a close-up shot, revealing she had dark lashes and eyebrows with blue eye shadow and pink lipstick.

“Ready to Rumble ?,” was Liv’s caption ahead of the annual event.

As of this writing, Liv’s post had over 131,000 likes and 1,700-plus comments admiring her look as she prepares for the latest edition of WWE’s annual event.

Liv announced on this past Friday’s SmackDown that she’s the first official participant in the WWE’s Royal Rumble, a 30-woman over-the-top-rope match.

The winner of the match traditionally receives a shot at one of the women’s championships as part of the WrestleMania match card. Previous winners have included Bianca Belair, Ronda Rousey, and Becky Lynch.

Liv shared fitness motivation tips and workout with WWE’s Sheamus

With the WWE Royal Rumble on the way, Liv is likely working out to make sure she’s at the top of her game. She stopped by Sheamus’ YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts, this past December to show some of her workout routine.

She showed Sheamus how she targets her glutes with exercises, including crab walks and fire hydrants to warm up. From there, they performed squats using a barbell, hip thrusts, and kneeling squats with weight. They finished it off with a round of 50 jump squats.

During the video, Liv talked to Sheamus about her fitness journey and how others can get into the workout habit. She said she hadn’t worked out a day in her life until meeting world-renowned trainer Joe DeFranco at 19 years old. 

Joe, who trained wrestling stars including Triple H, had Liv working out with NFL players he was training. Liv said despite not knowing what she was doing, she was motivated to participate due to her goal of making it to WWE.

“I worked out with the NFL guys like three times a week. With Joe, like three hours a day,” Liv said of her preparation to become a pro wrestler.

“I go through slumps where I feel like burnt out, and I generally don’t feel like working out. I’ll have periods of time where I’m not in the gym for a week and a half,” Liv shared about hitting a rut.

However, she said in those slumps, it was important just to get to the gym, even if only to use the sauna four days straight. She said that helped train her mind to make sure she was going to the gym regularly, and eventually, she’d add exercises to her visit.

“If you just get in there every day, you’ll want to do this or try this,” Liv said, adding, “I started with just not putting pressure on myself, but just getting in there.”

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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