WWE’s Lacey Evans stuns in costume for Halloween bike ride

wwe superstar lacey evans in instagram selfie august 26
WWE superstar Lacey Evans poses for an Instagram selfie in August 2022. Pic credit: @laceyevanswwe/Instagram

Wrestling star Lacey Evans revealed her sizzling costume for Halloween, which celebrated a cult classic comedy film.

Evans dressed up as Brittany Daniel’s Brandy, one of the characters in the 2001 comedy and romance movie Joe Dirt.

The WWE superstar took to Instagram to share several posts, including a video showing her stunning outfit consisting of a white top, tight Daisy Dukes shorts, white socks, and brown boots. Viewers saw Evans’ impressive physique with the costume, including her sculpted legs.

A sleeveless white shirt revealed Evans’ muscular shoulders, and it was also cut in a way that showed her trim midsection.

She needed no accessories to recreate the look and kept her long blond hair down. In her IG video post, she poses outdoors with hands on hips in a dirt area with trees and somewhat cloudy skies behind her. Latto’s song B***h from Da Souf plays as background music.

After her costume’s been revealed, the scene shifts, and her husband, Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec, rides over to pick her up on a dirt bike.

He’s wearing a Joe Dirt costume featuring a fake black wig and beard, a plaid shirt with sleeves cut off, and blue jeans, all of which recreate the David Spade movie character.

Evans gets on the bike, and the two ride off, driving around in a small loop before the video clip ends.

“Happy Halloween,” Evans wrote in her caption, including an American flag, flame, and motorcycle emojis around it.

Prior to sharing the video, Evans shared an Instagram post in which she and her husband recreated the Joe Dirt movie poster. It features Evans seated on the ground and clutching her husband’s leg.

Her husband posed as the funny character, holding a mop in hand as he stood in front of a pickup truck.

A second slide shows the official Joe Dirt poster for comparison, with a dog also part of the poster.

“Life’s a garden, dig it,” Evans wrote in her caption.

Fans react to Evans’ classic costume

With Lacey Evans sharing a video reveal of her Brandy costume from Joe Dirt, over 19,000 likes and 160-plus comments arrived in admiration of the look.

“Happy Halloween!!! Goodness gracious!!!!!!” a fan remarked about Evans’ costume video.

fan reacts lacey evans costume video
Pic credit: @laceyevanswwe/Instagram

“Nice outfit, lovely boots,” another fan commented regarding her attire, including a variety of emojis.

lacey evans fan comments about boots for costume
Pic credit: @laceyevanswwe/Instagram

“Best costume another,” another fan wrote in the comments and wished Evans a “Happy Halloween.”

fan calls lacey evans costume best ever
Pic credit: @laceyevanswwe/Instagram

Lacey Evans promotes Sanddune for workouts

Evans’ impressive sculpted physique takes work, and the WWE superstar puts in a lot of it. She’s previously revealed her unique workout featuring a kettlebell, ATV, and the Sanddune Stepper product.

She promoted the Sanddune device several times on her official Instagram page, including the post below that has her and her daughter kneeling on the steppers and flexing their muscles.

“Training day,” Lacey wrote in her caption, tagging her daughter Summer.

Evans’ post also has the Sanddune Stepper’s IG page tagged. Based on details from the product maker’s webpage, the stepper features a balance pad system that can be used for fitness enhancement and rehabilitation of injuries.

The Sanddune Stepper is similar to walking on a sand beach but also gives a quick “bounce back effect” for those using it.

The website indicates the product helps treat foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain, with the stepper considered easy to use and low impact. Along with providing rehab or warmup benefits, it can also help improve one’s motor skills and reaction speed.

Evans has shown on her Instagram that she regularly incorporates the Sanddune Stepper into her workouts. It’s a testament to how she’s dedicated to her workouts and finds creative ways to improve her fitness for the wrestling ring and everyday activities.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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