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WWE’s Kayla Braxton shares stunning Halloween costume with custom sneakers

wwe star kayla braxton poses for selfie on instagram
Kayla Braxton smiles in an Instagram selfie from August 2022. Pic credit: @kaylabraxtonwwe/Instagram

Halloween isn’t far away, and WWE’s Kayla Braxton already seems ready to celebrate all the fun and fright associated with the October holiday.

With the occasion slightly under a month away, Kayla took to her official Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at what might be one of this year’s costumes.

She shared a pic of herself representing horror movie icon Chucky, the living doll known for terrorizing victims in the Child’s Play movies and TV show.

Kayla revealed herself wearing the trademark outfit associated with the demonic doll, which included blue overalls with crisscrossing straps. The denim overalls also featured large red buttons and “Good Guys” written in red over a center pocket on her chest.

The overalls end a bit shorter than Chucky’s typically do, showing some leg. The WWE personality also has on that iconic striped shirt featuring red, blues, yellow, green, and white in the mix. Slightly visible in her first IG slide, she’s also wearing knee-high red-and-white striped socks.

Kayla’s got her hair flowing and is flashing a bright smile while slightly biting down on a fake knife featuring fake blood on it. Adding to the look, she’s got some fake blood stains, scraps, or cuts visible as part of her expertly-applied makeup.

What really sets her costume apart is the shoes she’s got with it. In a second IG slide, she revealed a custom-designed pair of Good Guys Nike Air Force 1s complete with fake blood splatters on the blue, yellow, red, and white design.

There’s a blood red and silver Nike swoosh with squiggly white lines on the shoes, as well as white laces with Good Guys written on them in red.

“39 days until my fav holiday… and this Good Guy is ready thanks to @mache275,” Kayla said in her IG caption, giving credit to the footwear designer and artist.

In June, Kayla shared a glimpse of her Chucky costume with a mischievous look and that fake bloodied knife in her hand.

The previous post picked up over 200 comments with 14,000-plus Likes in admiration of the Child’s Play look.

“Guilty even when innocent,” she wrote in her caption, adding “Gemini” as a hashtag.

Fans react to Kayla’s Halloween costume with AF1s

Following Kayla’s reveal of her Chucky-themed Halloween costume, she received plenty of reactions from fans. The Instagram post tallied over 18,000 Likes and 280-plus comments about the outfit.

One individual remarked in the comment section that it was a “good looking Chucky” costume.

fan tells kayla braxton her chucky looks good
Pic credit: @kaylabraxtonwwe/Instagram

“Looks like [you’ve] got some competition,” one fan commented, tagging the @chuckyisreal account to notify Chucky and the TV showrunners.

fan reacts kayla braxton chucky halloween costume
Pic credit: @kaylabraxtonwwe/Instagram

“Those Shoes tho🔥😍 neeeeed them!” another fan commented regarding those custom Good Guy’s Nikes.

fan reacts to wwe kayla braxton chucky nikes
Pic credit: @kaylabraxtonwwe/Instagram

Kayla’s previous costumes included WWE colleague, Batgirl

WWE fans regularly see Kayla Braxton on various programs, including The Bump and SmackDown, as an on-air host or interviewer. For last year’s Halloween costume, she chose to don a unique look, making herself into her colleague, Paul Heyman.

She revealed the hilarious look featuring a cut-up mask and fancy suit during last year’s The Bump and later shared a video clip to her official Instagram for fans to see.

The clip included Kayla delivering a promo just like Heyman might. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss showed up, which revealed how much smaller Kayla looked as Heyman when standing next to them. Madcap also told a Halloween joke in an attempt to add some more comedy.

In past years, WWE has often featured superstars and on-air talent in costume for Halloween. That included Kelly Kelly as Little Bo Peep in a previous SmackDown costume contest which also featured The Bella Twins, Melina, and Rosa Mendes.

Earlier this week, the former WWE star shared a skimpy bikini pic and referred to the look as “Little Bo Peep.” That prompted some fans to reminisce over her previous appearance on SmackDown in the costume.

Kayla’s all about Halloween and loves to show off various costumes she’s worn on her official Instagram.

In addition to last year’s Heyman look, she showed off a sizzling Batgirl costume with several other outfits last year. It’s unknown what costumes she’ll bring to The Bump and SmackDown, should the episodes near Halloween feature costumes.

Time will tell if Kayla goes as her stunning Chucky with the custom Air Force 1s or if she chooses other costumes to celebrate Halloween 2022!

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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