WWE’s Cora Jade wows fans with unique NXT ring gear

wwe star cora jade appears in selfie on instagram page
WWE star Cora Jade rocked unique ring gear for fans at a recent event. Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

WWE superstar Cora Jade captivated fans with a snap of herself in unique ring gear, different from what fans have typically seen her in for NXT matches.

The 21-year-old wrestling star, real name Elayna Black, rocked primarily red gear with white and a bit of black in the theme.

That included skimpy shorts with strategic cutouts on the sides and white barbwire as part of the graphics. “Generation of Jade,” her phrase since going heel, was inscribed across the back of the shorts.

Adding to the look, Cora had some black thread or thin rope tied around her thighs that resembled barbwire with the way it was styled.

She wore a red and white crop top with various graphics in the design, including a black butterfly with silver or white trim as its wings. More of the thin rope was tied around her midsection, resembling barbwire.

Cora added a black spiked baseball cap, worn backward, allowing her long black locks to flow down her back as she gave a sideways pose with a hand on her thigh and one leg in front of the other.

Her Instagram photo didn’t include any caption, letting the visual speak for itself.

Cora credited Andrea Kellaway with an IG tag for capturing the image of her sizzling ring attire.

The WWE star wore the eye-catching gear at NXT Deadline, a premium live event held this past Saturday. Along with what’s seen in the image above, it included red boots with a similar color scheme and graphics to her shorts and top.

Fans react to Cora’s NXT ring gear

Cora’s latest ring gear post caused a commotion among her fans and followers, as it received over 56,000 likes. As of this writing, there were also 970-plus comments on the post.

“Red looks so Good on You,” one of Cora’s fans remarked about the look.

fan comments about cora jade look
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

One individual said of Cora’s look that it’s “By far her best attire yet.”

wwe fan reacts cora jade gear
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Another fan praised Cora as a combination of former WWE stars Paige and Nikki Bella, adding, “you have added your own twist to a new and improved performer.”

fan calls cora jadea paige and nikki combo
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Cora previously paid tribute to Paige, now known as AEW’s Saraya, by dressing in costume as her for an NXT Halloween-themed battle royal.

More recently, Cora fought in the first-ever women’s Iron Survivor Challenge at last weekend’s NXT Deadline. Unfortunately, she came up short in her quest to become the No. 1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. Her former friend and tag team partner, Roxanne Perez, claimed the victory.

Cora promotes ‘Generation of Jade’ merch

With Cora still early in her career, she’s yet to take on promotions or endorsements beyond the WWE world. However, she now has her own “Generation of Jade” merchandise, which she promotes for the WWE Shop, and likely receives affiliate earnings from.

Cora unveiled a post last month to show fans the shirts available online for purchase, directing them to the link in her IG bio for the shop.

Among the options are men’s and women’s shirts featuring unique Generation of Jade text and graphics, including purple, yellow, green, pink, and white. Prices for the items range from $29.99 for t-shirts to $49.99 for a pullover hoodie.

As Cora continues to rise in popularity with her matches and on social media, she’ll likely add additional endorsements or ventures to her promotions, much like fellow NXT star Mandy Rose.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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