WWE’s Cora Jade in skimpy costume celebrates AJ Lee

wwe star cora jade poses for an instagram story selfie in her car
Cora Jade wowed fans with her impressive Halloween costume for WWE’s NXT event. Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Professional wrestler Cora Jade is among the WWE stars celebrating Halloween and showing fans their creative and stunning costumes.

The NXT star recently gave fans a trip down memory lane as she dressed as an icon from WWE, AJ Mendez, aka former Divas Champion AJ Lee.

Not only did Cora celebrate AJ, but she did it in an impressive fashion. She may have even fooled fans as she looked like she could be AJ’s twin sister.

Her costume matched AJ’s look perfectly, as she wore skimpy denim shorts with a black belt featuring grommets. Cora also wore a crop top t-shirt, just like AJ would to the ring. She completed the look with black and white Converse-style boots, black knee pads, and black-and-white wristbands.

Cora already had long black hair like AJ’s, which helped with the look. She wore dark eye makeup with a light shade of lipstick or gloss. She also wore a black choker as part of the outfit and held a replica (or possibly a real version) of the now-retired WWE Divas Championship belt over her shoulder.

“Halloween battle royal tonight in #NXTMelbourne. S/o to my mother @theajmendez,” she joked in the caption for an IG post revealing her costume.

Several days ago, Cora wore her cool and creative costume as part of NXT’s live event in Melbourne, Florida. She was among many NXT women competing in a battle royal at the NXT event. Monsters and Critics also reported about Gigi Dolin’s sizzling Chucky costume.

Along with the photo above, Cora also shared a video of her entrance for the match. Like AJ, she came out from behind the curtain, skipping her way down the ramp and giving that trademark smile to the fans.

Cora could’ve won any Halloween costume contest she entered, but she didn’t win NXT’s battle royal. The winner, Thea Hail, received a shot at Mandy Rose for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship. While Thea made a strong effort, Rose retained her title in the main event match.

WWE fans react to Cora as AJ Lee

Cora’s AJ Lee costume was definitely a hit with fans and followers, as the post racked up over 50,000 Likes and 650 comments over the past few days. Many fans were in awe of her ability to capture AJ’s look with her iconic costume. Some even questioned if AJ was really her mother, but that’s not the case.

“Stop you pulled this off so well,” one fan wrote in all caps as a reaction to Cora’s costume.

fan reacts to cora jade as aj lee
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

“You f***ing NAILED it ! I love it,” a fan commented with the clapping hands emoji.

fan comments on cora jade aj lee nxt costume
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Another individual remarked how they love the fact Cora’s not afraid to show her love for AJ and hoped to see the two meet in the future, possibly in the squared circle. They also told Cora that she’s “the future.”

fan comments on cora showing love for aj lee
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Cora uses unique workouts for mind and body

Cora’s currently part of WWE’s NXT brand, requiring her to stay in good health and ready for the ring. She previously was one-half of the WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team champions with former friend Roxanne Perez but decided to go her own way. The two have met in several matches, with Cora capturing a win thanks to her wrestling skills and a foreign object she brings to the ring.

In 2019, she shared a quick workout video with fans (below), showing some exercises she did for her legs and abdominal muscles at the gym. The workout included squats, leg raises, pushups, and crunches utilizing a medicine ball for some weight and resistance.

“Mixed it up a bit at the gym today,” she wrote in her Twitter caption.

Earlier this year, Cora worked out with former tag team partner Raquel Rodriguez for the Dusty Cup, an NXT women’s tag team tournament. Raquel put Cora through some intense workouts, which prompted Cora to return the favor in her own unique way.

She met up with Raquel at Tree Trek Adventure Park, telling her it was so they could work on “being fearless, taking risks, and being ready to take on any challenge” the Dusty Cup might present.

The park featured all sorts of challenging courses the duo participated in as they climbed and swung their way over various bridges and other structures up in the trees.

The various workouts helped Cora and Raquel advance to the semifinals, but they were ousted by the team of Iyo Sky and Kay Lee Ray, aka Alba Fyre. Even so, Cora continues to keep herself in fantastic shape, which not only helps her with matches but in mirroring that incredible AJ Lee look.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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