WWE’s Cora Jade has surprise return to attack NXT Women’s Champion

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Cora Jade returned to WWE NXT with a sneak attack on the NXT Women’s Champion. Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Cora Jade made her surprise return to WWE NXT on Tuesday, shocking fans and the NXT Women’s Champion by sneaking into the ring.

Her jaw-dropping outfit during the sneak attack also had many fans talking as Jade rocked a tight leather ensemble for her anticipated return to NXT.

That included form-fitting leather shorts and a matching crop top to go with a pair of knee-high black boots, which didn’t hinder Jade’s movements when it came to her in-ring attack.

Various Instagram posts showed her return and sizzling all-leather look, including one below as Jade stood tall in the ring with the WWE NXT Women’s Championship.

That moment came after knocking down the new champion, Indi Hartwell, who won the title at NXT’s recent premium live event, Stand and Deliver.

“I still run this place,” Jade wrote in her IG caption, with the post picking up over 22,000 likes and 340-plus comments celebrating her return or the attire.

Cora Jade made her presence known on NXT in a surprise return

With Indi capturing the NXT Women’s Championship in a hard-fought ladder match during Stand and Deliver, the champ arrived to the ring for a match on this past Tuesday’s NXT program.

In a non-title match, Indi defeated Zoey Stark. After the win, one of their opponents from the match, Tiffany Stratton, came out to the ramp and confronted Indi for pushing her off the ladder to win.

The champion wasn’t letting Stratton’s trash talk affect her as she proudly held her championship belt up for her to see. However, she wasn’t anticipating what happened next, as Jade snuck into the ring and knocked her down from behind with the sneak attack.

Another bit of content was posted on Jade’s Instagram and WWE NXT’s IG account. In a video clip, Jade is shown furiously storming backstage during the NXT show.

“I don’t wanna hear it. Get out of my face…I run this place,” she said to the camera before disappearing.

The video provided an additional perspective of Jade’s stunning outfit, accentuating her fit physique. It also picked up 39,000 likes and 380-plus comments about the NXT star’s return and look.

Following up on the content above, Cora Jade also shared a selfie of herself in a vehicle, giving a close-up shot of the look. That included part of her dark hair dyed blonde in the front and a barbwire-style necklace as her only visible accessory.

She kept her lashes and eyeliner dark for makeup, accentuating her dark eyes. Jade also had thin dark brows, a pink lipstick or gloss, and a tan complexion as part of her gorgeous look.

Jade didn’t leave any sort of message with this post, instead opting to let the photo speak for itself. Her actions during NXT clearly did the talking as she attacked Indi Hartwell in the ring, posed with her championship belt, and then walked up the ramp.

Before heading backstage, she had words with Stratton, who had come out to confront Indi. After some of Cora’s trash-talking, Stratton told her to keep walking.

Cora Jade’s workout routine

As Jade continues her Generation of Jade heel era, she has yet to share her workout videos or insights. Some pro wrestling stars show up on fellow WWE star Sheamus’ YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts, but Jade has yet to do so.

Several years ago, she appeared in a previous series of workouts with former tag team partner Raquel Rodriguez as they prepared for a women’s tag team tournament, the Dusty Classic.

Based on the footage, Jade was a reluctant participant in these particular workouts. A video from WWE showed Jade getting a wake-up call from Raquel at 5 a.m. to head over for the workout routine.

The routine included repetitions of the chest press and bicep curls with dumbbells. Raquel then put an exercise band around Jade and had her move forward as quickly as possible against the resistance. 

The two women tossed a medicine ball back and forth to each other while kneeling on the ground, followed by repetitions of pull-ups to work on their back muscles.

Raquel then brought Jade outside so they could finish by working on stamina, as they’d have to compete in a series of matches for the Dusty Classic.

They ran together for some cardio. Then Jade did crunches and pushups as Raquel encouraged her to keep going. The routine finished with each woman running a bit while carrying the other since their matches would involve working as a team.

Jade likely uses some of these exercises as part of her training routine, although it was shot as a promotional video for their WWE NXT story. Even so, Jade remains in fantastic shape and seems to be a force to be reckoned with in NXT.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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