WWE’s Bianca Belair dazzles in bikinis for fitness competition

wwe superstar bianca belair backstage selfie
Bianca Belair smiles in a backstage selfie on her Instagram in November 2022. Pic credit: @biancabelairwwe/Instagram

Wrestling star Bianca Belair has been branching out beyond the ring and recently revealed that she was part of a bodybuilding competition this past weekend.

Based on Bianca’s social media, she was a participant in the WBFF Pro Atlantic City ProAm in New Jersey.

In one of several Instagram posts she shared, Bianca wore a sparkling gold bikini consisting of beads, rhinestones, and other materials for a unique look.

She had several accessories for the look, including a captivating neckpiece and matching shades with rims featuring similar materials as her outfit.

Bianca also wore a gold armband or series of bracelets and had a fancy robe or coat draped over her shoulder featuring fuzzy black material on the edges.

In her caption, she also mentioned that she “strutted on that stage” with her “rhinestone cane.”

“I would say a little mix between Coming to America & Beyonce Homecoming,” Bianca wrote as her description for the captivating look.

She shared multiple photos featuring different poses, with several showing her without the large robe, sunglasses, or shades. The smiling superstar wore elegant heels with black feathers around her ankles and kept her hair up with her trademark long single ponytail not pictured.

The outfit shows Bianca’s fantastic physique, with defined biceps, rock-hard abs, and sculpted legs all part of the visual. As of this writing, her IG post has received over 65,000 likes and 994 comments.

Bianca Belair reveals bodybuilding competition

In another Instagram post, Belair shared photos of herself in a gorgeous red bikini, further showing her incredible physique, including sculpted arms, shoulders, abs, and legs.

She indicated in her caption that she’d been training for the competition for the past ten weeks. During that time, fans also saw her appear in high-profile matches for Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and, more recently, at WWE Survivor Series in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bianca also mentioned her struggles with eating disorders as a little girl, saying she would get triggered by hearing the word “diet.”

“I wanted to push myself, test myself… see if I could commit without taking it too far, see if I had learned to listen to my body, see if I could diet again and have self-control without going off on the deep end. I truly faced my fears with this one,” she wrote in her caption.

Bianca Belair shares health and fitness insight

Bianca appeared in a YouTube video for SELF earlier this year, discussing how she keeps herself ready for the ring. She mentioned she’s not a morning person and often hits the snooze button. However, she still works out in the mornings.

“I get a morning workout in. That’s crucial. Otherwise, I just feel lethargic throughout the day,” Bianca shared.

She also mentioned that breakfast is her most important meal, and she’ll usually have oatmeal with almond butter and blueberries to start her day off. She’ll also consume a protein shake and a whole egg mixed with some egg whites.

Bianca also mentioned that during college, she was competitive as she ran track. After college, she missed the competitive atmosphere, so she got into Crossfit.

“It was the first time that I’ve embraced my muscles in my body, and I actually started having fun,” she shared.

She said that led her to meet Mark Henry, a WWE Hall of Famer, who got her to try out for WWE. Bianca said after two tryouts, she got hired by WWE in 2016. The rest is history, as she’s now a former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and current Raw Women’s Champion.

She hasn’t lost her interest in the competitive fitness world, either, based on her recent participation in the WBFF event. That love of fitness continues to help her excel inside and outside the ring as one of WWE’s top stars.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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