WWE’s Ava Raine rocks leather shorts for NXT merch reveal

the rock daughter ava raine for wwe backstage shot
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daughter, Simone Johnson, appears as Ava Raine for WWE NXT. Pic credit: @avarainewwe/Instagram

Dwayne Johnson became a massive star with WWE, parlaying it into a super successful career beyond the ring. The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson, could be looking to follow in his footsteps.

Simone, who goes by Ava Raine in WWE, debuted with NXT this past October as part of the faction known as The Schism. She frequently shares stunning images on social media to show her unique attire for the ring or backstage segments.

One of her most recent pics features Ava wearing a sleek pair of black leather shorts and black boots that hit just below her knees.

She kept her orange-red and black hair tied up in the back for a shorter hairstyle. Two wavy strands flowed down the sides of her face. Her makeup included dark eyeliner, lashes, and red lipstick, with purple eye shadow adding to her unique look.

The only visible accessories were several necklaces, including a thin one featuring a cross hanging down onto her shirt.

Along with Ava, the main star of her photo was a primarily black Schism t-shirt, complete with pink lettering for the group’s name and images representing the WWE NXT faction. One of them was a smiley face using pink lines for the design and featuring Xs for the eyes.

“the wrath of the schism is just beginning…go to @wweshop for more,” she wrote in her caption.

Ava is one of the latest NXT stars to promote some WWE merch. On Tuesday, Toxic Attraction’s Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne appeared on Instagram Live to reveal they were taking over a merch stand before the NXT TV show on USA.

During their videos and pics, they also promoted their Toxic Attraction gear, including baseball caps and T-shirts, recommending them as holiday gifts.

Ava’s new photo picked up over 12,000 likes, and 100-plus comments as fans celebrated the look and the unique merch.

Ava Raine could appear at big NXT event

As mentioned, Ava aligned with the faction known as Schism weeks ago and accompanies Joe Gacy with the group to WWE NXT matches and other segments.

Ava regularly shares posts about her group, including one below where they all wore black outfits and yellow face masks.

Gacy will have a significant opportunity on Saturday for WWE NXT’s Deadline, a premium live event. He’ll compete in a unique match, the Iron Survivor Challenge, against JD McDonagh, Grayson Waller, Carmel Hayes, and Axiom.

The winner of the match becomes the No. 1 contender for the NXT Championship. That title is currently held by Bron Breakker but could change hands as he’ll face Apollo Crews at the same event.

As of this writing, it’s unknown if Ava or any of Gacy’s fellow Schism members will appear at ringside, but having their support could be helpful for his chances to become a top contender.

Ava Raine promotes WWE merch, previously modeled Blxckmass

Ava’s dad has gone from wrestling star to Hollywood icon and business mogul. Johnson’s involved with many endeavors, including tequila, energy drinks, Under Armour, and the reboot of XFL. While The Rock’s daughter has yet to become the juggernaut her father is, she may be on her way.

She’s getting started in WWE this year and is now promoting her own merchandise available through the WWE Shop, as shown in the post above.

The online store currently offers men’s and women’s items, including short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts and hoodies. Prices range from $29.99 to $49.99 as of this writing.

Ava previously linked up with several other wrestling stars, including Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega, to help promote merch for Blxckmass Clothing. One of the brand’s co-founders and owners is Tom Budgen, who currently stars in AEW as Malakai Black, and formerly was Aleister Black with WWE.

It’s unknown how much commission or profit Ava might get from merch sales. Still, it’s an excellent start for her young career, as showing her promotional power could lead her to further endeavors like her dad.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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