WWE’s Asuka sizzles in skimpy gear to tease new look

wwe superstar asuka in selfie
WWE star Asuka showed off a new look to fans. Pic credit: @wwe_asuka/Instagram

Wrestling star Asuka, real name Kanako Urai, has fans curious if she may soon unveil a new look and character for the ring when she appears in WWE.

The 41-year-old superstar recently revealed several photos on social media showing unique facepaint and skimpy ring gear.

In an Instagram post she uploaded this past week, Asuka is seated in a chair wearing a halter top, shorts, knee-high boots, and armbands featuring primarily black for their base color and intricate designs adorning them.

Asuka also wore a fancy gold choker necklace with black trim as part of the unique look.

Her facial makeup gives Joker vibes as she has what appears to be a shade of purple lipstick and giant red lips curved into a large smile on her face.

Asuka’s recent hairstyle in WWE features a half-blue and half-pink look, but this particular image has her with mostly pink or red in the front and blonde in the back.

In the shot, she’s seated on a large black couch with a red wall behind her, creating a stunning visual.

The WWE star is known for sharing lots of memes on her Instagram page and generally doesn’t include captions. The latest post was no different, as she allowed fans to react.

Asuka shared another photo of herself with the same look to keep fans guessing and wondering about the latest content she shared.

The close-up features Asuka sitting in a wooden chair with the word “PEACEMAKER” written on the wall behind her. It was her first reveal of the look, and picked up over 53,000 likes and 700-plus comments from fans.

Fans react to Asuka teasing possible new look

In the images above, Asuka certainly looks different from how fans are used to seeing her in WWE. However, some fans picked up on this being a character she previously represented named Kana.

“For half the people in the comments this isn’t a new look nor a new character. It’s her former self when she wrestled in Japan known as ‘Skull Reaper Kana,'” one fan commented.

“idk why everyone is saying she’s joining bray wyatt as kana, not every heel turn is involving bray,” another fan said.

photo of comments for asuka with new look
Pic credit: @wwe_asuka/Instagram

“That gear is [fire emoji],” one fan wrote in the comments, while another called Asuka’s look “Beautiful.”

fans comment about asuka gear photos
Pic credit: @wwe_asuka/Instagram

As of this writing, it’s unknown if Asuka is planning to bring the look she revealed in her Instagram photos to WWE, but it certainly has some fans excited and others intrigued.

She recently appeared at WWE’s Survivor Series, teaming up with Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, and Bianca Belair. The group battled Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, and Rhea Ripley in an entertaining War Games match.

Asuka’s YouTube gaming channel

While working with WWE keeps Asuka extremely busy, she occasionally finds time to upload vlogs and videos to a video game channel she started several years ago.

The YouTube channel features her name in the title as it’s called KanaChanTV. The channel has three years’ worth of videos from the wrestling star.

One of her most recent videos was uploaded while in Boston for Survivor Series last month. It features Asuka speaking in Japanese throughout, with English subtitles available.

Asuka talks about setting up a gaming station in her hotel room using her favorite mini-video game system, the EGRET II mini. She’s also linked to the small gaming machine in her video description, with the item sold at a Japanese website.

As of this report, Asuka’s YouTube channel has 489,000 subscribers showing her worldwide popularity.

It’s unknown how much she has earned or makes from the channel. However, it can provide lucrative side income based on sales of items she links to in her descriptions, ads that run in the videos, or companies paying her to promote their products.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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