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WWE’s Alexa Bliss in no makeup and sports bra reveals stunning transformation

alexa bliss appears at WWE FYC Event
Alexa Bliss appears at the WWE FYC Event. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Lexi Kaufman Cabrera, best known as WWE’s Alexa Bliss, has held a variety of titles within professional wrestling, including multiple SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championship reigns.

However, she’s looking to add another title to her list of accomplishments as she continues to grow her popularity on social media: official TikToker.

On Sunday, WWE’s star known as The Goddess and Five Feet of Fury participated in a recent TikTok trend with a video she also uploaded to her official Instagram.

The quick video clip features Armani White’s catchy Billie Eilish song, with Alexa wearing a seriously casual look, featuring no makeup, her hair up and unstyled, and a sports bra along with baggy green sweatpants.

While holding a black hooded sweatshirt, she flashes a peace sign at the camera before bringing the hoodie up near her face and slamming it down to the ground.

Instantly, she’s made a stunning transformation, seeming ready for an appearance at a WWE event or concert, with her new look featuring her hair uniquely styled with those long blond locks featuring pink streaks.

She’s changed into a pair of sleek leather pants and a spiked leather jacket with a flashy pink, white, and black t-shirt underneath.

With her transformation complete, Bliss leans towards the camera with a hand resting on one leg and her chin on her other hand to pose with a grin.

“Am I a TikToker yet?” she asked in her IG caption, which got plenty of fans’ attention.

Fans can follow Alexa on TikTok to see more of her videos. As of this report, she has over 194,000 followers on that platform and has yet to become officially verified. Her TikTok following is only a fraction of her Instagram following, where she currently boasts over 5.9 million followers.

Fans react to Alexa’s video transformation

Previous Instagram posts from the WWE superstar have been popular, and so was her latest. As of this writing, Alexa’s transformation video clip was on the way to becoming another hit, as she’d racked up over 110,000 Likes and 1,000-plus comments.

“I’m impressed I’m not gonna lie 😂,” one fan wrote in the comments as they seemed to like how she performed the TikTok trend.

fan impressed by alexa bliss video clip
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe_/Instagram

A commenter praised Alexa for the “amazing look” she showed off in her latest social media video.

fan praises alexa bliss look in video clip
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe_/Instagram

“Truthfully, she looks incredible before she does her makeup,” another fan wrote in the comments.

fan comments on alexa bliss tiktok transformation
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe_/Instagram

Another commenter praised Alexa for her impressive transformation clip, saying she “killed and slayed” it with the video.

fan comments alexa bliss video clip
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe_/Instagram

Alexa appears in her husband’s music video

If she’s not appearing in highlight videos from WWE matches or her own fun social media video clips, it seems Alexa’s starring in various artists’ music videos.

Over a week ago, Alexa’s husband, singer Ryan Cabrera, released his new song, Worth It, which he dedicated to his wife.

She appears in the music video, with their wedding day as the central theme connected to Cabrera’s romantic song. Footage shows the couple exchanging their vows and officially tying the knot.

The couple officially married this past April with a rockstar-themed wedding that included family and friends, several of whom were Alexa’s fellow wrestling stars. Check out Ryan Cabrera’s Worth It below.

Longtime fans of WWE’s Alexa Bliss previously saw her debut in a Bowling for Soup music video, with their song named in her honor and the visuals featuring her wearing some of her recognizable ring gear.

In the future, it won’t be surprising to see the talented WWE star appear in more projects, whether music videos, TV shows, movies, or viral TikTok clips.

WWE Raw airs Mondays on USA at 8/7c.

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