WWE’s Alexa Bliss delivers cryptic message in catchy fashion

wwe star alexa bliss shares selfie on instagram march 2022
WWE star Alexa Bliss shared a jaw-dropping new image amid her hiatus from WWE. Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe_/Instagram

While Alexa Bliss hasn’t been quite as present on WWE TV programs lately, she’s staying active on social media, where she recently unveiled a sizzling snap for followers.

Bliss, real name Lexi Kaufman Cabrera, uploaded a stunning black-and-white image of herself from her midsection up.

For the shot, she wore a button-up, long-sleeve shirt mainly hanging off her body and around her arms.

Her main attire for the glamorous image was a black lace bralette, with only a bit of dark material visible for her bottoms, possibly a matching set.

Alexa kept a strictly serious look on her face for the sharp visual, with dark lashes and brows to go with a soft lipstick or gloss. She kept her long locks flowing, although due to the black and white filter, it’s unknown if it was all blonde or had strands of pink.

“Believe Nothing You Hear and Half of What You See” 🖤 #Wednesday #WednesdayAddams,” Alexa used as an intriguing caption for her Wednesday upload.

Alexa Bliss has been away from WWE since the Royal Rumble

Alexa, a multi-time champion within WWE, was last seen at the 2023 Royal Rumble. She wasn’t featured in the women’s Rumble match, but instead on the card taking on Bianca Belair for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Alexa was unsuccessful in her attempt to gain the title she’d held several times before. Since then, she hasn’t appeared on Raw or elsewhere for WWE. According to Sportskeeda, she may return in March 2023 after a four-week break.

She was previously featured in a storyline that involved the mysterious Uncle Howdy, who has also figured into matches and segments with Bray Wyatt. It’s unknown whether Alexa will continue with this storyline when she returns, possibly transforming into a darker character.

Alexa Bliss brought her intense workout to WWE’s Sheamus

During one of her runs as a champion within WWE, Alexa Bliss appeared as a guest on Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel. She took the fellow WWE star through a plyometrics and core workout she uses to stay in shape.

They did the routine in a hotel gym, with the workout only involving yoga mats along with a maximum of 15-pound dumbbells. Alexa loaded up the Online Workout with Ryan P. Andreas of Andreas Elite Training.

The routine was just 25 minutes, but it wasn’t necessarily easy. It started with high knees and included high knee touches, jump squats, heel touches, and other ab work. It also featured a lot of burpees to incorporate multiple body parts into one move.

Most importantly, it got them moving and their heart rate up, a crucial part of cardio and boosting one’s health via exercise.

The Celtic Warrior was dripping with sweat and clearly spent after just a 25-minute routine with his colleague Alexa. He didn’t hesitate to praise her afterward.

“Don’t be fooled about the size. It’s all about the size of your heart, not the size of your body, and this woman has got more heart than anyone I’ve ever met,” Sheamus said about Alexa.

“She’s driven as much if not more than anyone else, and that’s why she’s a champion,” he said of Alexa.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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