WWE Tiffany Stratton makes statement to opposition on NXT

wwe star tiffany stratton in nxt interview segment
WWE star Tiffany Stratton during a backstage interview segment on NXT. Pic credit: WWE

WWE star Tiffany Stratton brought another stunning look to the world of NXT, this time as she made a statement to the fans and women’s locker room about her return.

The 5-foot-7 beauty, known as the Buff Barbie Doll, rocked a gorgeous outfit for her latest televised appearance, including a stylish bra that delivered a sparkly look with its black and white speckled pattern.

Stratton paired the top with sleek black pants, which hugged her curves and had strategic sheer panels on the legs and hips.

Her head-to-toe look wasn’t complete without some elegant silver sparkly heels, a shiny necklace, a bracelet, and a navel piercing.

She shared four images of herself in the outfit as she posed backstage in front of some elaborate metal set pieces for the show.

The first of those images had her posing with a slight smile as her blond locks flowed past her shoulders and chest. She kept her arms outstretched to show her sculpted upper body and toned abs.

Additional images had Stratton posing with her hands on her hips or hands behind her long blond hair as she gazed toward the photo viewer.

“Confidence has no competition,” she wrote in a competition, likely putting her rivals on notice within WWE’s NXT.

WWE’s Tiffany Stratton made statement on NXT

Stratton returned for NXT’s New Year’s Evil event, kicking off the show to let everyone know she was back and ready to take out the competition. Her arrogant in-ring statement didn’t sit well with others in the women’s locker room.

She returned for a backstage interview during this past Tuesday’s NXT program, with McKenzie Mitchell bringing up some footage WWE captured. It featured Stratton going to a door backstage with a sign saying it was her dressing room. However, she found the door locked and pounded on it.

Indi Hartwell answered, opening the door to let Stratton know it was not her locker room anymore. With that, Indi tossed Stratton’s sign and replaced it with an NXT women’s locker room sign. She told Stratton to dress elsewhere, slamming the door shut on the Buff Barbie Doll.

After seeing the footage, Stratton ranted about the other women on NXT, even insulting Indi’s wardrobe. She then put everyone on notice.

“I guess I’m going to have to show them that there’s only one superstar in the women’s division, and that’s me. Toodles,” Stratton said as she walked away from Mitchell.

Tiffany Stratton’s fitness background

It’s clear from Stratton’s sculpted physique that she spends a good bit of time training. Much of that is thanks to her athletic background, including her participation in gymnastics and gymnast competitions.

Among those that Stratton has competed in are Winter Classic, Colorado Springs, and Battle Creek. She’s continued dedicating herself to using those skills in the ring and has kept working hard at the gym to train.

In November 2022, she shared a TikTok video captioned, “The return of muscle mommy,” as she showed her massive biceps and triceps while she did tricep pushdowns with a bar and weight machine.

In another 2022 TikTok clip, Stratton poked fun at the misconception that “women don’t train hard,” showing more of her exercises at the gym.

Among the gym work that Stratton performs in her video are pull-ups without assistance to reveal her sculpted back and lateral raises with dumbbells to show how she develops her ample shoulders. Additional moves included back rows and shoulder shrugs in her routine.

All of the above and more go into Stratton’s ability to perform at her best in WWE’s NXT and bring an intimidating, athletic look to the ring.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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