WWE star Xia Li rocks thigh-skimming dress in side-by-side abs reveal

wwe superstar xia li in selfie during dinner outing
WWE superstar Xia Li in a selfie shared on Instagram, June 2022. Pic credit: @xialiwwe/Instagram

With a series of side-by-side shots, Xia Li showed an impressive outfit for going out, along with her impressive abs and chiseled physique.

Xia, who currently stars on SmackDown, revealed the two images ahead of the latest episode for the brand this past Friday.

On the left side, she’s rocking an all-black outfit consisting of a thigh-skimming dress that shows leg and her gorgeous tattoo. She kept her long black hair flowing down her back and along the front side near her chest as one hand held a phone to capture the picture.

Her unique dress featured cutout sections on alternating sides of her midsection. One shoulder is revealed, with the other covered by a full-sleeve look. She also wore stunning knee-high black boots to add to the outfit.

Adding to the look, her accessories included a black choker-style necklace with a gold heart and matching earrings, a wristwatch, and several rings. 

In the right-side image, Xia is at the gym with a treadmill and pool visible behind her. She’s dressed for a workout in vibrant blue compression shorts and a matching crop top or sports bra.

Xia lifts her top up in the workout pic to reveal some rock-hard abs, which are all part of an incredible physique that includes bulging arm and leg muscles.

She completed her gym attire with a pair of stylish sneakers, mainly featuring grey and white, with splashes of pink in the design and black laces. Small swooshes are visible on the tongues and front sides.

Her caption didn’t include any clever quotes or messages for fans but simply referred to it as “1 & 2,” with black and blue heart emojis representing the outfits.

Fans react to Xia Li’s side-by-side visuals

Many fans stopped by to give WWE’s Xia Li their thoughts and feedback about her latest Instagram share. As of this writing, the WWE superstar had over 10,000 likes and 300-plus comments from fans and followers.

“Absolutely Gorgeous in both!!” one fan remarked about Xia’s photos.

xia li fan remarks about side by side pics
Pic credit: @xialiwwe/Instagram

“Stunning on both,” another fan wrote as their opinion of the side-by-side looks.

fan of xia li reacts stunning pics
Pic credit: @xialiwwe/Instagram

“That body,” another individual commented, adding several flame heart-eyed face emojis to praise Xia’s hard work at the gym.

fan of xia li reacts to body pic
Pic credit: @xialiwwe/Instagram

Xia Li shared her workouts with fellow WWE star

In 2020, Xia appeared on fellow WWE superstar Sheamus’ YouTube channel, where she spoke about her journey to NXT and her background before wrestling.

While talking with Sheamus, Xia said she had just arrived in the United States three years ago and hadn’t done wrestling until getting there. However, her background helped her transition.

Among the activities, she’s participated in are Kung Fu, Muy Thai, and CrossFit, all of which played a part in helping her develop her fit physique and a love for fitness.

Xia also explained that she was a personal trainer for over ten years, which gives her insight into fitness and health. She said she likes to work out and try “different sports.”

The gym is a big part of her maintaining and building upon her look, and she took Sheamus through some of her exercises at the WWE Performance Center. The first workout was High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which had 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest.

In the video, Sheamus learned just how intense Xia’s training gets. The second workout was quite challenging as it involved a circuit of five exercises, such as burpees followed by pull-ups and handstand pushups, so it might be one for more advanced fitness enthusiasts.

However, her first workout is excellent for individuals of all fitness levels who want an at-home or gym workout to add to their routine.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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