WWE star Valerie Loureda stuns in workout gear as she addresses NXT debut

valerie loureda wears workout gear before nxt debut
WWE’s Valerie Loureda shared messages with fans ahead of UFC’s event and her NXT debut. Pic credit: @valerieloureda/Instagram

Former MMA star Valerie Loureda looked incredible in workout gear as she shared a video with her fans and followers about the UFC and her NXT debut.

Loureda, who joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) several months ago, appeared in a clip discussing UFC’s big event and her NXT in-ring debut on Saturday evening.

In the clip, she wears a dark sports bra and leggings, although her upper body and toned midsection are mainly visible to viewers.

As Pitbull’s Mamasota plays during the clip, Loureda informs everyone that today will be her first wrestling match since joining WWE NXT.

With her wavy locks flowing down and a beaming smile, she spoke about UFC 281 and how she wagered on the upcoming fights.

“I placed my bets…My picks are Dan Hooker, Dustin [Poirier], and Izzy Adesanya,” she said in her video, sharing details about a betting app’s promo.

In UFC’s event, Valerie’s picks went 2-1, with Adesanya the only loss of her three predictions. Per ESPN, Adesanya was defeated by Alex Pereira in the fifth round of their main event fight.

Valerie Loureda has WWE NXT debut match

In addition to Valerie Loureda sharing the UFC picks and betting promotion, she also mentioned her first match with WWE NXT would take place at a live event in Orlando, Florida on Saturday evening.

Loureda included thoughts about it in her IG post’s caption, reminiscing over her days with MMA.

“I’m debuting exactly a year later from my last MMA fight. I had no idea that was going to be my last time in the cage but I am right where I am meant to be 💫 DESTINY. My time is coming !” she said.

Taking to her Instagram Story, she shared a selfie of herself wearing a black sweatshirt or shirt with the WWE Logo on the side. Loureda also has a shoulder strap visible in the shot, possibly for a tote or duffel bag.

She shared a brief message about her NXT debut on her IG Story slide, finishing it with, “God always shows me a sign I’m right where I’m meant to be.”

wwe star valerie loureda has nxt debut match
Pic credit: @valerieloureda/Instagram

WWE superstar reacts to Loureda’s debut

Following her debut at NXT’s live event in Orlando, Loureda shared another IG Story showing a photo that a fan might have captured of her.

The image shows her standing in the ring, presumably after making her entrance for the match, wearing a small black jacket. She wears skimpy ring gear consisting of blue and pink trunks with a matching sports bra. Both items seem to be sparkling based on their designs.

“I did it,” she wrote over the slide, announcing she finally had her debut match.

wwe star valerie loureda in ring debut nxt event
Pic credit: @valerieloureda/Instagram

Fans attending the event shared other images of her in-ring debut on Twitter, including the one below.

“Valerie killed it last night at #NxtOrlando,” one fan tweeted.

According to Wrestling Inc, Loureda’s debut was part of a six-person tag team match. She teamed with Bronco Nima and Xyon Quinn against Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Thea Hail. Loureda’s team was on the losing side of the match, but it’s still way early in her pro wrestling career.

Following the match, WWE superstar Santos Escobar tweeted a photo (below) as he posed next to Loureda. She was wearing her workout gear in this image, similar to the UFC bet promotional video she shared earlier in the day.

“Watch out for this future champion!!! Welcome to the business chica!!” he wrote in his tweet.

Loureda shared how she got her health and fitness right

Loureda clearly has the look of a WWE superstar and has the background in fighting that could help her transition. However, she had to change things following her previous career in MMA.

Several months ago, Loureda shared a YouTube video spotlighting her leaving MMA behind and joining WWE. During her vlog, she spoke with family and friends in her car ride about the way she got her diet and fitness on track.

Loureda explains that she participated in special bloodwork testing where she could find out what sorts of things were deficient or problem areas in her body. She mentioned her thyroid was the main issue, making it hard for her to maintain her weight.

“My metabolism was messed up from so many years of cutting weight,” she explained, regarding the preparation that went into her MMA fights.

Based on her comments in the video, her bloodwork was generally “great” beyond that. However, the testing helped her know what she needed to do to achieve the right look and fitness level for pro wrestling.

While the bloodwork procedure seems like something many people might want to check out, she also revealed that it has a staggering cost of “like $50k.”

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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