WWE star Rhea Ripley wreaks havoc with Dominik Mysterio for WrestleMania week

rhea ripley during wwe backstage interview
Rhea Ripley is preparing for another battle with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39. Pic credit: WWE

With WrestleMania 39 just days away, Rhea Ripley seems ready for her huge opportunity to become a champion yet again within WWE.

The former Raw Women’s Champion wants to capture another prestigious title as she’ll appear in one of the opening night’s matches.

Ahead of that bout, Ripley took to Instagram to share a selfie as she struck a pose in a large circular mirror with a black frame.

The 5-foot-8 Australian professional wrestling star kept with the dark look she’s shown as part of WWE’s Judgment Day faction, wearing a black sports bra to go with dark jeans and a silver-studded black belt.

Rhea’s hair was also jet black in the short style she’s been rocking lately, matching her dark lashes and brows. She opted for pink lipstick, which almost seemed to match a bracelet she wore, which presented the most color of her dark outfit.

Other accessories included several necklaces around her neck and a darker band or watch on her other arm. She posed with her hand in her pocket and the other holding her phone for the shot.

The WWE star’s sculpted arms and shoulders were highlights of the selfie, along with her toned and trimmed midsection and the multiple tattoos visible in her image.

“2 days. #WrestleMania39,” Rhea wrote in her caption, including emojis for a crown and a scale.

Rhea Ripley wreaks havoc with Dominik Mysterio at the WrestleMania store

It’s WrestleMania week in Los Angeles, California, as the area hosts this year’s “Super Bowl of professional wrestling.” Rhea is part of the match card as the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble winner. She chose to challenge Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship on Saturday.

Other Judgment Day members are also part of the event, including Dominik Mysterio, who takes on his father, Rey Mysterio. In addition, Finn Balor goes inside Hell in a Cell to take on the Rated-R Superstar, Edge.

Ahead of WrestleMania 39, fans can check out the WrestleMania store set up in the area, which features various merchandise and occasional appearances from some of the stars. Earlier today, Rhea and Dom uploaded a video to Instagram where Rhea suggested they go to the store to check it out.

The duo did as they said and headed to the section featuring merchandise for Dom’s father, future WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio.

WWE and Dom shared an IG carousel post that included a video of Dom kicking around Rey Mysterio shirts and punting a replica mask representing his dad.

In another video clip, Dom had a can of black spray paint and disrespectfully sprayed it on his father’s image on a wall at the store. He included “R + D” for Rhea and Dom as part of his graffiti.

In another clip, Dome did the same with a replica Mysterio championship belt after dropping it on the ground several times.

The final slide in Dom’s post had him suggesting he give himself a gift. He walked up to a display with Eddie Guerrero’s famous lowrider and reminded everyone Eddie should’ve been his dad instead of Rey. They both got inside the car to check it out.

Rhea Ripley shared a social distancing workout ahead of WrestleMania 37

Several years ago, Rhea was part of the WrestleMania card as she defended the NXT Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair. Ahead of her big match, WWE shared Rhea’s social distancing workout online.

In the video, Rhea said it was “weird times,” but she wouldn’t let anything stop her from working out since it’s something she’s passionate about.

“People that know me know that working out is my life. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not a habit. It’s just what I do,” she said.

From there, the video shifted into a montage of Rhea working out at a park for social distancing. Exercises included her throwing a medicine ball repeatedly at the ground, skipping rope, doing hanging knee raises, and performing chest work using an exercise band.

Rhea also performed ab work on a flat bench and the ground, including Russian twists. She was also seen doing some planks, an effective exercise for the core.

“My goal is to show Charlotte and the world that no matter what is going on, I will find ways to adapt,” Rhea said in the video two years ago.

“I hope Charlotte comes prepared to WrestleMania. If she comes prepared, that means she thinks she knows what to expect,” she said.

History repeats itself, and Charlotte and Rhea will do battle in the ring again. However, this time the circumstances are much different as Rhea isn’t defending the NXT Women’s Championship but instead trying to win the SmackDown Women’s title for the first time in her career.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA. WWE’s WrestleMania 39 streams on Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2, starting at 8/7c on Peacock.

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