WWE star Nikkita Lyons wows fans with She-Hulk costume

nikkita lyons in an instagram unboxing video
WWE’s Nikkita Lyons showed fans her impressive She-Hulk costume. Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

Wrestling star Nikkita Lyons recently recreated a stunning and imposing look as the popular comic book and TV character She-Hulk for Halloween.

The 5-foot-8 WWE NXT superstar donned an airbrushed bodysuit that covered her arms, torso, and legs, featuring primarily green with some black areas to accentuate the character’s muscular look. 

Nikkita rocked a white T-shirt cut up with shreds on the lower part as if she’d ripped it while transforming from an everyday citizen into the superhero.

Her outfit included a pair of skimpy denim shorts with black strap belts around her waist and down to her thighs, similar to her in-ring gear.

To create She-Hulk’s green appearance, she had on green face and body paint along with green dye in her long hair. Nikkita finished the look with dark makeup for her eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips.

She shared three images of the look on her official Instagram, including a shot showing the back part of her costume and some black boots.

In a third photo, Nikkita was up close and punching the camera with the letters “FWM” written on her fist.

“Brick House #SheHulk 💚 HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!,” she wrote in her caption, including hashtags for “#theincrediblehulk,” “#lioness,” “#lyonpride,” and “#happyhalloween.

With her images, Nikkita tagged local business bodenvy, a “non-invasive body sculpting med spa that guarantees results,” but it’s unclear which service she may have used for her look.

Fans react to Nikkita’s She-Hulk costume

The latest post from Nikkita Lyons was a winner, as it racked up over 73,000 likes and 900-plus comments from fans admiring her recreation of the superhero’s look.

“Why did Marvel use CGI instead of calling you to play She-Hulk?” a fan asked, referring to the recent Disney Plus series.

fan comments about nikkita lyons as she hulk
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

Another fan remarked how Nikkita’s costume looked “way better than the actual She-Hulk.”

Comment on Nikkita's post
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

“There isn’t many ladies who could this off but you did it perfectly,” another fan said in the comment section.

nikkita lyons fan comments about she hulk look
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

Nikkita wore the above costume as part of a recent WWE NXT house show in Melbourne, Florida, where women from the NXT roster dressed in costume for a battle royal. That included Cora Jade in an impressive AJ Lee costume and Roxanne Perez as Bayley.

Other costumes included Zoey Stark as Triple H, Jacey Jayne as The Undertaker, and Gigi Dolin as Chucky.

The winner of the match, Thea Hail, went on to compete in the main event match challenging Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship. Rose was victorious, keeping her reign as champ intact.

Nikkita shared her intense workout in October

While she looks huge as She-Hulk, Nikkita already has an imposing, fit stature in the ring, and she works hard to maintain her muscle, health, and in-ring skills.

Earlier in October, she showed some of the exercises she referred to as her “thunder thigh day” workout routine.

In a video clip shared on her Instagram, Nikkita did squats at a rack with some serious weight on the barbell. She also kept a bench and piece of foam positioned behind her so she didn’t go down too far.

Other exercises included a kneeling back extension and some lunges with Nikkita keeping a more comfortable weight on her shoulders.

In addition to her being a pro wrestler, Pro Wrestling Wiki indicates Nikkita has a background in Taekwondo. She began practicing at the age of five and earned her black belt by eight. She’s shown on Instagram before that she continues to train and master her skills in kickboxing and other combat sports, which can also help with cardio.

All of that translates to her having flexibility and an array of moves to use against opponents in the wrestling ring.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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