WWE star Nikkita Lyons wows fans with crazy flexibility in leggings

wwe nxt star nikkita lyons backstage promo video shot
Pro wrestler Nikkita Lyons delivers a promo backstage for WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

Nikkita Lyons continues to impress and captivate WWE fans with her impressive skills in and out of the wrestling ring, including her incredible flexibility.

The 23-year-old pro wrestler has a background in taekwondo, which she began practicing as a kid, and ultimately achieved a black belt due to her dedication and hard work.

She’s now looking for her hard work to lead to more accomplishments with WWE’s NXT brand. On Tuesday, she took to her official Instagram to share an outdoor photo that included an inspiring message for her fans and followers.

In the image, Nikkita had her hair down, almost as if it was soaking wet from a recent workout session. She wore a black top that showed a bit of skin, including part of her midriff.

Additionally, Nikkita wore dark grey leggings in the photo, which featured a triangle or diamond pattern on the sides. She completed her look with black sneakers that have pink bottoms.

In the pic, she performed an impressive stretch with one leg extended up and onto the top of a wooden structure, which looks like it could be a side railing for a bridge or walkway. The pose also had her ankle tattoo visible in the photo.

“In a world full of low vibes & envy, you shine. 💫 Don’t ever dim your light or bend your truth to fit into other people’s narratives of you ‼️ Trust your divine purpose. What’s for you is for you,” she wrote in her caption.

Earlier in the week, Nikkita shared a clip as she did some of her in-ring training, with the video showing her delivering a solid elbow strike and kick to knock down a man she was training with.

“Block the noise, focus on your journey,” she shared in the caption.

Fans react to Nikkita’s stretch photo and message

With Nikkita Lyons showing her flexibility, her post picked up over 83,000 Likes and 1,000-plus comments within a day. Many fans seemed in awe of her tremendous skills and left their feedback and reactions about the image.

“Words of wisdom from the most gifted and beautiful woman in WWE!” one fan said, praising Nikkita’s impressive skills.

nikkita lyons fan praises beauty in flex pic
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

“Tell me this is photoshopped to bend that much,” one fan said in the comments section.

nikkita lyons fan comments on stretch pic
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

Another individual said that Nikkita’s stretch was “impressive” but also suggested it looked “quite painful” to perform.

fan comments on nikkita lyons stretching pose
Pic credit: @nikkita_wwe/Instagram

Nikkita seeking first championship win

Fans have regularly seen Nikkita, aka The Lioness, display flexibility and power in the wrestling ring as part of the WWE NXT brand. In particular, her finishing move involves jumping up and performing a split onto her opponent on the mat for a pin fall.

Recently, she’s teamed up with her friend Zoey Stark to form a formidable tag team that could be on the way to winning the championship belts. If so, it would be the first championship for either woman in WWE.

The women’s tag team belts are currently with Kayden Carter and Katana Chance, who won them in a Fatal Fourway elimination match. However, Nikkita and Zoey have seemingly put the champs on notice.

Leading the way towards a potential tag team title clash, Nikkita showed off her skills late last month against one-half of the champions, defeating Kayden in a singles match.

Winning the tag team titles could be one move for Zoey and Nikkita. However, some fans feel that Nikkita could go further than that, possibly challenging for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship and taking the belt away from whoever she faces for it.

There’s also the main roster, which could add talents from WWE NXT at any time, and Nikkita appears to be constantly sharpening her skills ahead of the occasion.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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