WWE star Natalya Neidhart rocks bikini to reveal Bronzing Palace look

natalya neidhart snaps pic of herself in bikini
Natalya Neidhart took several beautiful pics of herself in a shimmery nude bikini. Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

WWE’s Natalya Neidhart is known for her ability to captivate and entertain fans in the wrestling ring but also continues gaining popularity for her sizzling social media shares.

She was among the featured competitors in last month’s Women’s Elimination Chamber match, getting to participate in WWE’s premium live event held in her birth country, Canada.

The third-generation pro wrestler has a family tree that includes Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart as her father, with Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Owen Hart as her uncles.

She’s continued to put respect on the family name, having won several championships, including the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship and the now-defunct WWE Divas Championship.

The 40-year-old wrestling star recently took to Instagram, where she uploaded several stunning shots of herself in a gorgeous bikini.

While Natalya was in the spotlight, based on her tags, it was her preferred tanning source that she gave credit to in her IG Story.

wwe star natalya neidhart bikini shot
Natalya gives a shoutout to The Bronzing Palace on Instagram. Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

Natalya dons a gorgeous bikini for outdoor photos

In several of the photos shared on her IG Story and Instagram feed, WWE star Natalya rocked a shimmery nude bikini while striking poses outside.

She had her blonde hair pulled back and also wore unique earrings, giving a feather-like vibe.

Her two-piece featured plenty of hardware, including what appear to be brass or gold rings on her hips as part of the bikini bottoms’ side bands.

The top also had unique hardware or decorations, which seemed to be rectangular and diamond shapes adorning the bikini top’s straps that went behind her neck.

Her first photo shared above had her looking at something off-camera as she sat sideways on an outdoor surface, using one hand and arm to prop herself up.

Natalya tagged The Bronzing Palace for helping her get an ideal mobile spray tan, which had her ready for this photo shoot and likely for an appearance on WWE SmackDown on Friday night.

In a second photo (below), Natalya leaned forward for a close-up, with her head tilted to the side and with a serious look on her face.

wwe natalya neidhart bikini outdoors
WWE’s Natalya rocks a shimmery nude two-piece swimsuit outside. Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

The WWE star shared both of the above photos on her Instagram, also tagging Beach Bunny as her bikini brand and crediting herself as the photographer.

Natalya Neidhart and her husband promote their supplements

Natalya is married to former wrestler Tyson Kidd, real name TJ Wilson, and the couple has their own line of supplements called Workhorse Supplements.

The brand recently revealed some new additions to its lineup, including Heat Fat Burner, Hot Tag pre-workout mix, unflavored Creatine Monohydrate, and Chain Branched Amino Acids.

Each of the items serves a very specific purpose for those who are training hard, whether it’s to provide effective pre-workout energy, help with gains, or aid in post-workout recovery after intense workout sessions.

Along with TJ revealing the Workhorse Supplements additions in his photo post above, Natalya shared an Instagram video clip of herself talking about the release.

“We are so excited to relaunch our all new WORKHORSE SUPPLEMENTS! Our products HEAT, CHAIN AND HOT TAG, which are inspired by The Dungeon and our roots in the ring,” Natalya said to announce the new products.

Natalya, who said her uncle Bret was among her inspirations for pro wrestling, is a student of the infamous Hart Family Dungeon, which trained stars including “Superstar” Billy Graham, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and Chris Jericho.

TJ also trained at The Dungeon and, along with Natalya, tries to help wrestlers, athletes, and others looking to improve upon their training results.

“At Workhorse our goal is and has always been to create high-quality supplements that allow you to maximize your overall health and perform at your peak potential,” the brand’s website states.

Those interested in prices and ordering details can see more information on the Workhorse Supplements website.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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