WWE star Maxxine Dupri reveals attire for SmackDown appearance

wwe smackdown star maxxine dupri in instagram selfie
Maxxine Dupri modeled her stunning SmackDown outfit for fans. Pic credit: @maxxinedupri/Instagram

WWE’s Maxxine Dupri continues to show stunning looks whenever she steps onto the scene for the blue brand, including a recent bodysuit that she modeled online.

Dupri, real name Sydney Zmrzel, has been appearing on SmackDown since late last year, after previously starring as Sofia Cromwell on NXT.

The 25-year-old Dupri is the leader of the Maximum Male Models after her brother Max decided to return to his LA Knight days.

With that, Dupri brings dazzling outfits and accessories to her appearances, including this past Friday’s light brown curve-hugging nearly-sheer bodysuit featuring several cutout holes from above the midsection to her neck.

The sparkly bodysuit also featured dazzling sheer panels on her legs and small bits of metal hardware visible between portions of the cutout areas near her ankles.

Dupri wore a striking gold jacket over her bodysuit, which helped the outfit pop. She completed the attire with brown open-toe heels for a captivating head-to-toe look.

Maxxine Dupri models recent SmackDown look

Durpi also knows the importance of accessorizing her various outfits. Among visible accessories were Dupri’s trademark “M” pendant representing her name or the MMM group on a shiny necklace and several small earrings.

The WWE star posed in an Instagram video clip using a backstage ring setup for the SmackDown show. After providing a full-body look against the ring ropes, Dupri posed with hands on hips and her gaze to the side.

She finished the clip by walking toward the camera with a serious stare, showing her expertly-styled makeup and blond hair flowing from a part in the middle across the sides of her face.

“i came to play,” she wrote in her IG video’s caption.

The latest video share from the SmackDown stare picked up over 15,000 likes and 300-plus comments in a short amount of time.

She appeared during WWE SmackDown on Friday, January 13, and was visible during a locker room scene where Liv Morgan slapped Raquel Rodriguez in the face. Also there to witness the assault was Tenille “Emma” Dashwood.

As far as Dupri’s latest WWE feud or match, it’s highly possible fans will see her get in the ring later this month for the annual women’s Royal Rumble match. It would make for her Rumble debut, although the odds are stacked against her, with at least 29 other women vying to win the match.

Maxxine Dupri owns Jaunty brand

It makes sense that part of Dupri’s WWE personality is her affiliation with the male models and her penchant for wearing stylish designs to SmackDown. Dupri, aka Sydney Zmrzel, is the owner of the Jaunty brand, launching the online fashion boutique in 2019.

The Jaunty website showcases many stylish designs, the most recent being The Love Collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day. It features several all-red pieces with “LOVE” in white letters. They include The Love Crew and The Love Sweat Short, which Dupri models on the site and Instagram (below.)

According to the IG post from @shopjaunty, The collection is “sustainably made” and “created in small batches” with “unisex sizing” for the items.

“designed to empower you,” reads part of a caption about the items.

In addition to The Love Collection, Dupri’s Jaunty online offerings include playful tees, stunning crop tops, high-waisted biker shorts, and The Cosmopolitan Corset. She’s since expanded Jaunty to include a store where customers can shop in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2021, AZCentral captured comments from Dupri about the Scottsdale store, allowing customers to check out the unique fashion and vibe she attempts to create for them to shop in.

“They’ll get to experience that through the decor of the store, through feeling the fabrics, trying things on, and having me there directly to pick things out that I think they would like and that I feel would look good on them and have more of that one on one experience,” she said.

Based on the report, the physical store provides customers with unique options they won’t see online, allowing them to pick up some one-of-a-kind fashion pieces for their wardrobes.

Dupri’s SmackDown appearances have shown her dedication to putting together eye-catching outfits, so she’s likely to do the same for her Jaunty customers.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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