WWE star Mandy Rose sizzles in sparkly bodysuit for NXT celebration

wwe nxt superstar mandy rose in instagram selfie and video clip
WWE NXT star Mandy Rose celebrated a major milestone as women’s champion. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Mandy Rose made a glamorous appearance during the latest episode of WWE’s NXT program, as she donned some stunning attire for her big celebration.

Rose, real name Amanda Saccomanno, celebrated her one-year reign as the NXT Women’s Champion, a feat last accomplished by WWE star Asuka five years ago. Rose and Asuka are the only NXT champs to achieve the milestone.

For Rose’s one-year celebration as champ, she stepped out into the arena wearing a sleek black sparkly bodysuit with an open top and plunging neckline. It also featured a cutout portion that revealed her midsection.

The women’s champion donned fishnet stockings and knee-high black boots for her captivating look. She also wore a necklace with a cross, and small shiny earrings as part of the ensemble, along with her expertly styled makeup and long straight hair.

Rose’s only other accessory was the shiny championship belt she’s held since last year’s Halloween Havoc event.

The NXT Women’s Champion shared an Instagram video set to ksenyka’s BBHMM remix of Rihanna’s song. The clip included shots of Rose walking backstage in all her glory as she carried the championship belt proudly over her shoulder.

Other shots edited into the video showed the champ as she’d arrived at her in-ring NXT celebration and sat on the ring apron.

“B***h better have my money,” Rose’s IG caption read.

Rose’s celebration spoiled by latest rival

During her championship reign, Mandy Rose has fought some of the best in the NXT brand and defeated them all to continue holding her title. Among her recent foes is Alba Fyre, whom Rose defeated at this past October’s edition of Halloween Havoc.

Rose had assistance during that match, as her Toxic Attraction allies Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne arrived at the ringside area to help her claim the victory over Fyre.

Rose also had Gigi and Jacy with her for her big celebration on Tuesday night’s NXT, but Fyre decided to show up and spoil their big party.

In video highlights shared by WWE on USA’s YouTube channel, Rose is seen rocking her sparkly bodysuit in the ring with several men holding a bottle and glasses of champagne. Photos of the champ were on display in the decorated ring.

Rose received comments of praise from Gigi and Jacy as they talked up her accomplishments and victories over various opponents from NXT.

As Rose was finishing up a promo about reinventing herself in NXT, smoke suddenly appeared in the ring, and soon after, Fyre was attacking Toxic Attraction. After taking them out, Fyre cut a promo indicating she took out Gigi this week, and next week she’d take out Jacy.

“And in two weeks, I’m taking that title,” Fyre said, putting Rose on notice.

Rose and fiance offer fitness program

Rose and her fiancé, Sabatino Piscitelli, are both fitness enthusiasts. Rose has competed in and won fitness competitions, while Piscitelli is a pro wrestler, former NFL player, and personal trainer. So it’s only natural that they’d use their love of fitness to help inspire others to get great results.

The couple currently offers a six-week transformation program online via Solin, with the most recent installment starting this past September.

The program features a workout plan, nutrition download, and six exclusive live sessions with Rose and Piscitelli.

Also, customers enrolled in the program have access to a private community and social experience to help get answers to questions or gain extra motivation for working out and dieting.

Rose shared a video clip on her Instagram (below) promoting the program, showing her and Piscitelli performing various exercises at the gym. It also shows their fit physiques as shining examples of what hard work and the proper plan can accomplish.

Rose has successfully reinvented herself since leaving WWE’s main roster and returning to NXT. She now ranks amongst the greatest NXT Women’s Champions in the brand’s history, and her continued dedication to staying fit has helped her defeat some of the roster’s toughest opponents.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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