WWE star Mandy Rose provides ‘slight distraction’ during NFL Playoffs

mandy rose in backstage selfie at wwe nxt event
Wrestling star Mandy Rose poses backstage for a WWE NXT event selfie. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Former WWE star Mandy Rose continues to share stunning content with fans following her departure from the wrestling company.

Rose has become a social media star since her surprising release from WWE, after gaining millions of followers on social media due to her surging popularity while working with the company.

She recently unveiled a gorgeous shot of herself wearing a light-colored swimsuit that almost appeared pink or silver based on lighting.

The curve-hugging swimwear had a cutout portion in the middle, revealing Rose’s tanned and toned midsection.

For the shot, Rose poses in front of green foliage and water dripping into a pool. The former NXT Women’s Champion kept one elbow bent and a hand beside her head as her long brunette locks flowed past her chest. She held several strands of her long hair in her other hand.

She revealed the latest image during the excitement of the NFL’s postseason, with various games taking place over the weekend into Monday night.

“Just a slight distraction from Sunday playoffs ?,” she wrote in her Instagram caption.

It’s unknown which football team Rose is currently rooting for if any, although her living in Florida might give her reason to support a few teams there. The Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers made the playoffs, but their first-round opponents eliminated them.

Rose hails from New Jersey, which could give her reason to cheer for a remaining NFL team. The New York Giants play home games in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and are still competing. After upsetting the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL Wild Card Round, the Giants will battle the No. 1 seed Philadelphia Eagles in their next matchup.

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Paul DiMarco Photography captured Rose’s latest looks

Rose provided credit where it was due for the beautiful shot and her look, tagging Jamie Conrad as her hair and makeup artist and Paul DiMarco as her photographer.

DiMarco recently revealed another shot he took of Rose in Miami, as the former WWE star rocked a stunning orange bikini with a leopard-print top.

“Always a pleasure @mandysacs thank you for the tag! ??” DiMarco captioned his photo.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about Rose’s orange bikini visuals, which included a poem seeming to describe her persona and a beautiful shot of her sitting with sunflowers.

Mandy Rose participated in leg workout with YouTube star

As a wrestling star and former fitness competitor, Rose spends plenty of time working out to keep herself in shape. She’s previously revealed some of her home training and recovery insights and has also appeared on several YouTube workout channels.

Several years ago, Rose and her WWE friend Sonya Deville appeared in a workout video with YouTube star and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn. He asked what they like to do for leg day at the gym.

“I usually like to switch it up. Usually, I do like a full leg day, and then I’ll do like more glute isolation and stuff,” Rose shared in Martyn’s video, prompting the trio to work on their glute muscles.

Among the exercises Rose and Deville took Martyn through for their workout were single-leg lunges with dumbbells and a superset of good mornings with RDLs. The video wrapped up after they did a unique squat exercise by standing on two boxes and using ropes to lift weight via a machine.

During the video, Rose and Deville also spoke about how they have to stay on top of their game year-round due to the nonstop schedule of professional wrestling, which requires them to be in tip-top shape for performances.

Rose is no longer with WWE and is probably enjoying her time away from the ring. Still, she is likely continuing to train regularly for her social media content and other ventures.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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