WWE star Liv Morgan goes viral at MSG during Knicks game

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WWE star Liv Morgan made headlines for her viral moment at a New York Knicks game. Pic credit: @yaonlylivvonce/Instagram

Professional wrestling star Liv Morgan has been living her best life, getting to enjoy big events like the recent Scream VI movie premiere and a New York Knicks game in NYC.

Liv, real name Gionna Daddio, rocked a stunning outfit for the game at Madison Square Garden as the Knicks took on the struggling Charlotte Hornets.

The WWE star’s ensemble included cut-off shorts and a pair of knee-high black boots accentuating her thighs as she struck a pose at center court on the Knicks logo holding a Liv jersey.

The 28-year-old had her blonde locks flowing and her bangs similar to what she wore for the Scream VI premiere, also in NYC.

For the top portion of her outfit, Liv wore an oversized black jacket, which she left open. Underneath that, a sheer black shirt with black bra was visible, and several chains with “Liv” hanging from one around her neck.

She kept her eye makeup dark to go with pink lipstick for the latest event and shared a carousel of photos to show different parts of her Knicks outing.

Liv Morgan goes viral at New York Knicks game

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion presented her Instagram followers with six photos from her trip to the Knicks game at Maddison Square Garden.

Two of those had her posing with her gift, a blue New York Knicks jersey with “Liv” on back. Another shot had the WWE star flashing a peace sign as she stood in front of the court smiling.

Liv also struck a pose with the Knicks dance team backstage as they all wore black for the fun image.

There are also two photos of Liv while she’s in the stands watching the game.

One of those shows her from a capture of the jumbotron or a television screen as she’s shown on TV looking up toward the rafter. A graphic below her promotes an upcoming WWE Road to WrestleMania Supershow at MSG.

It’s the last slide in Liv’s carousel that is part of what went viral, as it has Liv seated next to a man at the game who is talking to her. However, the conversation appears to be one-sided in nature.

A video popped up on Twitter via Knicks Nation showing Liv’s appearance at the game as the commentator also promotes the upcoming WWE event at MSG.

Based on the clip, the man is talking, and Liv is saying “yeah,” but she might be uninterested in what he’s saying and more interested in the game.

According to TMZ’s report, the man in the viral clip is WWE executive Justin Scalise. Liv appeared on WWE’s The Bump and spoke about the viral moment, saying she was only half listening to him when that happened, but also that she’s since apologized to him over the clip going viral.

Liv Morgan revealed workout insights to Sheamus

When she’s not going viral at Knicks games, Liv works for WWE as one of the company’s wrestling stars on the blue brand, SmackDown. She competed in last month’s grueling Women’s Elimination Chamber match and will likely be part of WrestleMania 39 in some capacity.

Staying ring ready and also being able to look incredible in her various outfits takes some additional work at the gym.

Liv showed up on fellow WWE star Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube series to reveal her workout for the glutes.

For Liv’s “sick workout,” there were five exercises to focus on the Gluteus Maximus. For a warmup, they put exercise bands on their legs and did crab walks, followed by 10 fire hydrants. 

Her circuit workout routine included 10 repetitions each of one-and-a-half rep squats, hip thrusts, kneeling squats, cable donkey kicks, and single-leg box squats. There was also a surprise finisher for the circuit.

While Liv’s workout is typically intense, she and Sheamus kept their weight lower than their maximum because they had a WWE show later that day.

Ahead of her workout, Liv gave some of her background story, saying she came from a struggling family raised by a single mom and didn’t believe she’d have what was needed to get to WWE. However, she still worked hard and kept at her dream.

“For anyone, I just hope to show them that you can literally come from anything. Even when it feels impossible, you can achieve your dream if you want it and love it and work hard enough. I hope to be proof of that to anyone,” Liv told Sheamus.

She’s clearly proof of that as she’s continuing to live her dream life as a professional wrestler and attending big events like the Scream VI premiere and NBA games in NYC.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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