WWE star Lacey Evans shares motivational message with stunning visual

lacey evans in selfie from instagram january 5 2023
WWE star Lacey Evans shared a cheeky visual to go with her inspirational message. Pic credit: @laceyevanswwe/Instagram

WWE star Lacey Evans recently provided an inspirational message to her fans while also delivering a stunning visual to go with it.

The 32-year-old wrestling star returned to WWE’s SmackDown late last year and has been on an interesting path using a gimmick related to her military background.

Her gear matched that persona as she posed with her back to the camera in tight camouflaged shorts with strategic cutouts on the hips for a cheeky look.

Matching the shorts were her knee pads and her camouflaged vest, complete with a brilliant red, white, and blue eagle logo on the back and Evans’ name above it.

She kept her gorgeous blonde hair up mainly in a ponytail for the shot and gave a look at the camera over her shoulder as she held her vest open.

“Don’t look behind you. You aren’t going that way,” she started her caption’s message.

“You can look at tomorrow as your last opportunity during the week to get stuff done/goals accomplished….. or look at it as the end of the week and the beginning of a ‘sit on my [email protected]& and do nothing because it’s the weekend.’ Either way, it’s coming, and we won’t get it back, so choose wisely,” Evans wrote.

Evans also added hashtags to go with her motivational message, including #WAKEUP, #WORK, #WIN, and #WarriorMindSet.

As of this writing, her latest IG post had received over 320 comments and 25,000-plus likes for the WWE star.

Lacey Evans continues winning on WWE SmackDown

While Evans may have shared a motivational message in her IG post above, she hasn’t been so nice to fans or opponents since returning to WWE.

With her military persona, she’s rocked the camo gear for several matches, including one a few weeks ago, a win for Evans over a relatively unknown opponent.

She appeared in the Friday, February 17 episode of SmackDown, taking on a lesser-known opponent, typically referred to as a “jobber” within the professional wrestling world.

WWE shared a quick highlight from the match in which Evans pointed at a fan and told them, “Your mom is weak,” before doing a handstand in the ring corner to deliver a devastating kick to her opponent.

Evans wore the stunning camo gear for the match, including a matching top complete with dark bands of material wrapped around her midsection and waist. Black boots complete her ring look.

Evans picked up another win during her return to the blue brand. However, fans are likely questioning the caliber of opponents she’s facing and whether or not she will gain entry into a championship match anytime soon.

Notable matches since Evans’ WWE return include her bout with Liv Morgan on SmackDown and her appearance in the women’s Royal Rumble match last month. However, since then, she has mostly been dominating opponents in squash fashion.

Lacey Evans shared some of her recent workout exercises

Getting in shape for the military and the WWE ring takes a lot of dedication and work. Evans has shown that work ethic and commitment, as she’s revealed many workout clips on her official Instagram over the years.

In the past few months, Evans uploaded a few clips showing some of her intense training at the gym. That included a clip where Evans is seated at a machine to perform lat pulldowns with weight.

She follows that by changing her grip on the bar to underhand and pulling the weight down to work a different part of her back, similar to a pullup. Her chiseled shoulders and back are visible throughout.

In another video clip, Evans shows off another exercise that is no easy feat and is often used in military training or fitness tests.

She wears a weighted vest or backpack and then climbs up a long, thick rope, pulling herself up to display her incredible strength.

“WOD Finisher. 🇺🇲💦💪,” Evans wrote in the caption, adding a hashtag for #NoOneCaresWorkHarder.

She’s yet to win championships within WWE, but her fans hope she’s on the way. Based on her fantastic physique and abilities in the ring, Evans continues to work harder to get to the top of the mountain in WWE.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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