WWE star Gigi Dolin rocks skimpy outfit to show her love for Halloween

wwe nxt star gigi dolin shows selfie on her instagram page
WWE NXT superstar Gigi Dolin appears in a selfie on her Instagram. Pic credit: @gigidolin_wwe/Instagram

With Halloween just around the corner, WWE NXT star Gigi Dolin is showing her love of the spooky season with various photos from her shoots.

The most jaw-dropping one features the wrestling star completely covered in fake blood and seated in more of it on the floor to provide a horror-themed visual.

Gigi didn’t wear many clothes for the horror-themed picture either. She had on a white bra or bikini top, while her lower undergarment was out of sight due to how she was sitting with her legs crossed on the floor.

However, she may be wearing a pair of leggings or tights mostly covered in fake blood. Gigi sits in more of the fake stuff and looks like she’s smeared and swirled a bunch around on the floor.

Adding to the look are her black necklaces or chokers and Gigi’s expression as if she just did or witnessed something horrific.

The image likely brings to mind many horror scenes from over the years as Halloween fans are watching their favorite films as part of the season.

“God I love Halloween,” she wrote over an Instagram Story slide and also credited @onedopephotographer, J.R. Hutter, for capturing the stunning shot.

wwe nxt star gigi dolin covered in fake blood for halloween love
Pic credit: @gigidolin_wwe/Instagram

Gigi showed off other Halloween-inspired looks

Ahead of that captivating IG Story photo above, Gigi Dolin has shown her fans and followers a few other recent images featuring looks that work well for the Halloween season.

In an IG post she shared this past week, the orange-haired wrestling star is wearing all black, including gloves, a bodysuit, tights, and boots. Further adding to the look is the demonic headpiece she has on, which has various horns.

“I will eat your heart,” Gigi shared in her caption, quoting a line from the Adam Sandler film Little Nicky.

The image went on to pick up over 55,000 Likes and nearly 600 comments over several days after Gigi shared it on Instagram.

Soon after, she shared another look, with her orange hair in a shorter style than her other pics. In the photo, she’s giving fans a closeup of her in a shoulderless black top while holding an apple in hand.

Gigi’s eyes were a haunting red color, possibly from a filter or special lenses, with her lipstick a dark shade of red.

“Just one bite,” she said in her caption, with credit once again to Hutter, who currently has the image as a profile pic on IG.

The above photo wasn’t quite as popular as Gigi’s other one but still grabbed attention with 200-plus comments and over 17,000 Likes as of this report.

Gigi Dolin headed to NXT Halloween event?

As of this report, Gigi and her tag team partner, Jacy Jayne, haven’t been announced for a match at WWE’s upcoming NXT Halloween Havoc 2022 event.

However, their ally, WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, will appear at the event, defending her championship against Alba Fyre. That could mean Gigi and Jacy are at ringside to provide support.

The Toxic Attraction group recently fought together in a six-woman tag match, going against Rose’s contender, Fyre, and her teammates, Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Starks.

Last week, Jacy took on Fyre in a singles match, with Gigi ringside. However, the Toxic Attraction stars received a surprising assist when a hooded Sonya Deville showed up in the audience to take out Fyre. Ultimately, all three women powerbombed Fyre through the announce table as part of a big spot for the match.

Sonya has been a mainstay on WWE SmackDown over the past months, but she’s also friends with Rose. It’s unknown if she’s now joining Toxic Attraction or will be at Halloween Havoc to support her friend. However, it adds intrigue to the upcoming championship match at NXT’s big event.

Also on the Halloween Havoc card is a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal: Weapons Wild match featuring Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. The NXT Championship and NXT North American Championship will also be on the line at the event.

As part of the buildup for Halloween Havoc, WWE recently shared a sizzling music video from Shotzi, Scarlett Bordeaux, and Harley Cameron featuring their cover of the Hocus Pocus song, I Put a Spell on You.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA. NXT Halloween Havoc 2022 streams on Peacock on Saturday, October 22, at 8/7c.

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