WWE star Emma shows bottle-popping skills after Royal Rumble

WWE star Emma backstage selfie before Royal Rumble
Tenille “Emma” Dashwood had some fun celebrating a special occasion. Pic credit: @emmawwe/Instagram

Tenille Dashwood, also known as Emma in the WWE, showed fans her ability to celebrate in stunning style as she popped open a bottle of bubbly for an occasion.

The wrestling star donned a light yellow curve-hugging and plunging dress for the occasion with thin crisscrossing straps that looped around her neck.

The unique piece also featured several strategic cutouts on her leg, hip, and waist areas with ties on her hips. She completed the look with beige wedge sandals.

For her video, Emma’s holding a bottle of champagne as the song Chill Like That by PiCKUPLiNES and Sunday Scaries plays.

She pops the cork out and starts laughing at the moment before showing the bottle to the camera. Next, Emma takes a swig from the bottle to reveal her champagne-drinking skills.

“Oh, you didn’t know I could hang like that!? 🤣” Emma wrote in her caption.

The Instagram share racked up over 18,000 likes and 100-plus comments for the WWE star, who could have been celebrating many things. She returned to WWE within the past year and appeared in the annual women’s Royal Rumble match last weekend.

Emma entered at No. 4 overall and lasted in the match for over 10 minutes before Damage CTRL member Dakota Kai eliminated her. That means she’ll need to find another way to get onto the WrestleMania 39 card, as she didn’t win the opportunity to challenge for one of the women’s championships.

Emma is planning her birthday getaway

In another post shared on her IG page this past week, WWE’s Emma revealed she wants to take a vacation to celebrate her upcoming birthday. She shared a photo of herself wearing a colorful and transparent pair of loose pants with a white bikini as she stood in front of a pool.

She was also rocking long brown hair and stylish glasses in the photo, taken during a previous trip, possibly to a relaxing resort.

“Planning my birthday trip somewhere warm and you can’t stop me 😛,” the WWE star said in her caption.

“But you can help me decide where to go…,” she told fans.

Emma’s workouts, diet, and recovery

Emma officially turns 34 on March 1 and will likely look incredible in whatever she wears for her special getaway. The wrestling star has maintained a fit physique due to her ongoing career, including stints with Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and WWE twice.

While her Instagram page has become mostly full of pics from her wrestling matches, vacations, and other everyday events, she has occasionally shared some workout footage with fans.

In 2019, she appeared in an IG video with former WWE star Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet. The pair worked out in a New York gym, using exercise bands, ankle weights, and body weight.

Their lower-body routine included leg raises while on exercise mats, reverse lunges, skater lunges, jump squats, and hip raises. They also performed ab exercises for some core work, an essential part of staying fit.

A lower body workout is just one part of Emma’s routine, which also focuses on other muscle groups and likely has her using dumbbells or weight machines. It’s likely changed a bit over the years as she’s dealt with injuries and worked to maintain her pro-wrestler look.

She previously spoke to Muscle & Fitness about her health routine, indicating she would pay attention to macros for her diet. She said she’d generally stay on top of what she ate but wasn’t cutting too much out of her diet.

She said she’d find the best options she could when on the road or have a meal service ship her prepared meals in keeping with her diet. She also mentioned keeping some Quest protein bars handy.

Along with diet, Emma also brought up the importance of rest and recovery, something she may get to do more of during that birthday getaway.

“I always try and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes I feel that if I don’t get enough sleep, my workout will suffer. I think it’s important to get the right recovery (i.e. from a grueling match) and that way you can hit the gym with your full focus and energy,” she said.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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