WWE star Emma enjoys beach stroll in bikini

wwe star emma in a november 2022 instagram video
Tenille Dashwood, aka WWE’s Emma shares a scenic beach video. Pic credit: @emmawwe/Instagram

Tenille Dashwood, best known as WWE’s Emma, took fans on a recent stroll at a beautiful beach as she looked captivating in a bikini near the water.

The 33-year-old Australian wrestling star shared a video on her official Instagram with Lily Meola’s Daydream playing as the audio.

She wore a stunning all-black thong bikini and showed several angles of herself wearing the two-piece swimwear. She enjoyed the scene as the sun shone brightly, with its reflection looking gorgeous against the water.

In the quick clip, Emma initially walks away from the camera and towards the lightly-crashing waves. She’s holding a mostly sheer shirt or wrap draped against her legs, which flows with the breeze.

As Emma gets closer to the water, she eventually turns toward the camera, still waving her shirt in the breeze. As she moves closer to the camera, she smiles brightly as a pair of dark shades is visible to protect her from the sun.

“Don’t quit your day dream,” Emma wrote in her latest IG caption, prompting fans to react with likes and comments.

Fans react to WWE star Emma in thong bikini video

With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Emma’s latest video received a bit of attention, picking up over 11,000 likes and over 100 comments as of this writing. Many remarks celebrated the WWE star in her bikini as she enjoyed the beach.

“you look gorgeous in this bikini against the water and sand,” one fan said to praise Emma in the stunning video.

fan praises emma bikini video
Pic credit: @emmawwe/Instagram

“Suit looks stunning on you,” another commented, adding heart, flame, and peach emojis.

fan of emma comments about swimsuit
Pic credit: @emmawwe/Instagram

“Absolutely beautiful,” another individual remarked, along with peach, heart, and flame emojis.

fan leaves wwe star emma comment
Pic credit: @emmawwe/Instagram

Emma shared fitness insight earlier in her WWE career

In 2015, Emma spoke to UK’s Daily Mail about her training and diet. At the time, she shared that she did “two upper body workouts a week, two lower body workouts.” She also mixed in cardio and exercises for her abdominal muscles.

Emma said then she would switch up her routine– sometimes she’d have heavy lifting days, while other days, she’d have lighter weights and higher repetition days. In addition, she mentioned she’d sometimes perform super set circuits which were more intense.

As far as trying to stay healthy with her diet while traveling with WWE or other wrestling promotions, she said one key was to pack all her food for the week ahead of her car trip. She mentioned that staying on track was much easier and more convenient that way, rather than looking for options at gas stations while traveling.

Fast forward seven years later, and Emma is still in tremendous shape. Most likely, she has tweaked or changed things, such as modifying her workout routine or having meals pre-made and delivered.

Her continued commitment to fitness and diet is apparent and has her looking fantastic in and out of the wrestling ring.

WWE SmackDown airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.

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