WWE star Cora Jade in skimpy shorts and fishnets with new merch

wwe nxt star cora jade
Cora Jade is promoting her latest merchandise as she participates in an NXT Florida show. Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Elayna Black, best known as WWE’s Cora Jade, served up a look to her fans and followers, which featured her wearing skimpy ring attire and modeling her newest shirt.

The 21-year-old NXT superstar has been promoting the Generation of Jade, and that’s what her brand-new merchandise item features.

For a photo share on social media, Cora rocked her tiny purple shorts with checkered sides and black waistband as she’s often seen wearing to her NXT matches.

She wore the shorts along with fishnet stockings, purple kneepads, mismatched black and purple socks, and some classic black sneakers.

Her top was her new WWE T-shirt, which she’d removed the sleeves of to show off her impressive shoulder and arm muscles. Cora’s midsection was also on display due to the shirt’s cut.

She wore a spiked baseball cap backward on her head and held strands of her long black hair mixed with some streaks of silvery white hair in her hands.

For her caption, Cora let fans know of her upcoming appearance at a live event for “NXT JACKSONVILLE” in Florida.

Cora Jade to participate in NXT Deadline match

Cora, a former WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, broke away from her friendship with Roxanne Perez to pursue a solo career. She’ll now participate in a huge match at NXT’s premium live event on December 10.

The event is NXT Deadline, which replaces NXT’s War Games now that War Games is used for the main roster at Survivor Series.

While Deadline doesn’t have the War Games matches, it will have a new concept known as the Iron Survivor Challenge. These matches feature five competitors, a points system, and a penalty box.

Every time a wrestler scores a pinfall or submission or is the victim of a DQ, they score a point. A wrestler on the other side of those outcomes goes into the penalty box for 90 seconds. The winner of the match is the one with the most falls or points at the end of the match’s predetermined time limit.

Cora will participate in the women’s match against Kiana James, Zoey Stark, and her former friend, Roxanne. There’s also one more competitor, a Wild Card. This could be Wendy Choo, Fallon Henley, or Indi Hartwell.

The winner of this match goes on to challenge NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose in a championship match.

Cora Jade promotes her new merchandise

As mentioned above, Cora is promoting her newest merchandise from the WWE Shop. Many superstars have branded items available there, including Toxic Attraction’s Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne. They often promote their merch via social media using affiliate links for additional commissions.

Cora took to her Instagram this past week to reveal her brand new shirts, both featuring her “Generation of Jade” tagline and colorful graphics.

One of the black shirts features an all-purple heart wrapped in barbwire and dripping some purple. Cora’s tagline is written in the heart with the word “Generation” in pink and “Jade” in light green or yellow.

Her other shirt features “Generation,” written partly in pink and partly in green. “Jade” is written in white letters with green barbwire around the word, while there are X’s and O’s alongside the tagline.

Beneath it is a broken skateboard, referring to her breaking a skateboard when she attacked her former friend, Roxanne Perez.

“Available now,” Cora wrote in a caption with “link in bio,” directing her fans to head to the WWE Shop.

The two t-shirts were selling for $20.99 and $22.49 as of this report, with a Christmas holiday sale going on for a limited time. Along with the T-shirts, there were Women’s short and long sleeve V-neck shirts and a men’s hoodie available at WWE Shop.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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