WWE star Chelsea Green rocks stunning attire for Raw appearance

wwe star chelsea green
WWE’s Chelsea Green returned to Raw for a match with a new tag team partner. Pic credit: @chelseaagreen/Instagram

Whether she’s appearing on Raw or SmackDown or striking a pose in a stunning outfit away from the wrestling ring, Chelsea Green slays.

The Canadian wrestling star rejoined WWE several months ago, making her big return for WWE’s Royal Rumble in January. However, she made unfortunate history as the quickest-ever elimination from the women’s Royal Rumble match.

She’s since gone on to appear in matches and backstage segments on both SmackDown and Raw, making her demands known to the show’s general manager, Adam Pearce.

Green most recently appeared on Raw this past Monday and shared an image of a jaw-dropping outfit she wore. Her image included a serious stare on her face and her wavy locks flowing down past her shoulders.

The former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion rocked an eye-catching and skintight orange dress that featured a series of strategic cutouts down the chest area to above her waist.

Green paired the dress with strappy red open-toe high heels and had white nail polish on. She struck a pose kneeling by a backstage or outside area of the St. Louis venue for WWE Raw.

“Orange you glad to see me?” Green joked in her caption, adding an orange emoji to go with it.

Chelsea Green’s recent appearances on WWE Raw

While Green was unsuccessful in her Royal Rumble appearance, she received a huge opportunity last week against WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

However, Bianca is the champion for good reason and showed dominance in defeating Green in the non-title matchup. Following Green’s loss, she and her ally, WWE’s Carmella, attacked Bianca.

That resulted in Asuka rushing out to make a save, even though she’s Bianca’s opponent at WrestleMania 39 in a championship match. It also seemingly led to a tag team bout that was supposed to feature Green and Carmella taking on Asuka and Bianca.

During this past Monday’s episode in St. Louis, Green showed up backstage to make another demand from GM Adam Pearce. She informed Pearce that she couldn’t find Carmella anywhere but found another tag team partner, Piper Niven.

Green told Pearce to make sure the match was official so she and Piper could destroy Asuka and Bianca. She also demanded to be part of the Women’s Showcase match at WrestleMania 39. However, Pearce made no promises, saying they were still finalizing the card.

Green wore a unique blue ring gear, white cap, and knee-high black boots while on TV for this past Monday’s Raw. She shared a photo of herself rocking the outfit she called a “Canadian tuxedo.”

Unfortunately for Green and Piper, it wasn’t their night in the ring, as Asuka and Bianca proved too strong as a team, winning by pinfall.

Chelsea Green shared her legs workout while stuck at home

Ahead of Green’s recent WWE run, she was featured in other promotions, including Impact Wrestling, where she previously won the Knockouts Women’s Championship and the tag titles with Deonna Purrazzo.

With Green back in WWE, she’s likely to appear on Celtic Warrior Workouts, a YouTube Channel from fellow WWE star Sheamus. It features Sheamus bringing on various WWE stars as his guests to share their workout tips and routines.

Green shared some insights into what she was doing for her at-home workouts on her official YouTube channel. One video featured her focus on legs with the Green Machine morning workout routine.

With a gorgeous swimming pool behind her, Green said she was stuck at home for this particular workout. She indicated all it required was a mat or towel, a chair or bench, and weights, if available.

“If you don’t have weights, I totally get it. Use some cans or really anything that you have in your fridge,” she suggested.

From there, she showed the exercises in what she said was a “quick 30-to-40-minute workout.”

The workout routine features one minute of work followed by one minute of rest, with the entire circuit repeated three-to-five times.

It starts with one minute of reverse lunges, followed by 30 seconds of goblet squats and 30 seconds of narrow squats. From there, it’s one minute of a forward into a reverse lunge, followed by single-leg standing deadlifts.

The workout then moves into one minute each of Bulgarian split squats and hip thrusts before finishing with one-minute wall squats.

While this particular workout arrived two years ago from Green, she has clearly remained in tremendous shape and looks more than ready for her potential appearance at WrestleMania 39.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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Mike Melvyn
Mike Melvyn
2 months ago

She is just jealous because WWE Bianca Belair is a top star in WWE and she is not