WWE star Carmella shares Revolve try-on haul with fans

wwe star carmella in peacock series corey and carmella
WWE star Carmella appears in an episode of the series Corey & Carmella. Pic credit: Peacock

Leah Van Dale, best known as WWE’s Carmella, showed fans and followers some of her latest fashion fits in a haul try-on video.

The former WWE Money in the Bank winner and SmackDown Women’s Champion could be preparing for a return appearance at a major event, but in the meantime, is enjoying life away from the ring.

In her latest social media share, the 35-year-old wrestling star said she’s “obsessed with Revolve,” a designer clothing brand that also sells shoes and accessories. Carmella then tried on several outfits from the brand that she’d bought.

That included her squeezing into some sizzling tight black leather pants, matching a plunging crop top with sleeves connected to the top. She shows a matching necklace she got that she claims is “too baggy” for her due to her “pencil-sized neck.”

After modeling the leather look, the next outfit includes a white crop top with beige jeans torn at the knees. Carmella said she’d considered them for a while but hadn’t known what size to get.

The pants featured a fun belt attachment above the waist, revealing a bit of skin on Mella’s hips after she fastened it. She paired it with a gorgeous green crop top featuring sleeves and shoulder straps which also revealed a bit of skin.

While Carmella confessed she “doesn’t normally wear green,” she said that she bought the top to go with some matching green and white Nike sneakers, as shown in the full video below.

“Trying on my latest purchases from @revolve. what do we think? do we love? #haul #revolvehaul #revolveme #fashion,” Carmella asked her friends and fans.

The try-on video racked up over 10,000 likes and 280-plus comments for the WWE star as fans and friends reacted to the outfits she showed.

Carmella returning for big WWE match?

According to CinemaBlend, Mella has been out since August 2022 after revealing she had an ectopic pregnancy in October, which resulted in a miscarriage of the baby she and her husband, Corey Graves, were expecting.

In December, Carmella teased her WWE return by retweeting fan’s Twitter throwback memory, saying she missed being in the ring and once she returns, it’s “all over for your faves.”

Many fans hope to see some surprises in the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble, set to take place at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Carmella has been in the women’s Royal Rumble match before. She also participated in a championship match against former WWE star Sasha Banks at the 2021 edition of the WWE event.

Carmella shared workout with husband Corey Graves

In addition to appearing in the wrestling ring, Carmella has appeared in several reality TV series, including Total Divas on E! and her latest series, Corey & Carmella on Peacock. The latter features the everyday adventures of the WWE star and her now-husband, Corey Graves, also a commentator with WWE.

In one episode, Carmella brought Corey to Union Fitness in Pittsburgh to participate in a tandem workout. Graves admitted it wasn’t his thing as he hasn’t worked out so much due to being a commentator and no longer wrestling in the ring. However, his wife still dedicates herself to staying in “tip-top shape” for her WWE appearances.

After getting through the warmup portion of the routine, they did some intense work with long and heavy ropes, followed by medicine ball throws and pull-ups. There were also prowler exercises where they took turns pushing one another across an outdoor field on a sled to help build lower body strength.

During the workout footage, Corey even admitted he gained a new level of respect for Carmella after seeing how she works out so hard. That was evident when their trainer said it was time for “overtime.” That meant they had to do another round of all the exercises they’d done, prompting Corey to bail while Carmella stayed with it.

The WWE Royal Rumble 2023 streams on Peacock on Saturday, January 28, at 8/7c.

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