WWE star Beth Phoenix praises team for helping ‘Phoenix Rise’

wwe star beth phoenix july 2022 selfie instagram
The Glamazon made her return for several recent WWE events in grand fashion. Pic credit: @thebethphoenix/Instagram

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix made several recent appearances in her former stomping ground as she popped up to assist her husband, Edge, at WWE events.

She shared her stunning look with fans via social media, in which she absolutely rocked a zipped-up and plunging black leather top with thin shoulder straps.

Phoenix paired that with some sleek black pants as she took a mirror selfie to share the gorgeous look with others.

Her hair was a creatively-styled edgy half-up, half-down do/faux hawk with multi-colored braids in a unique mix of brown, blonde, and red.

Phoenix wore a bit of pink eye shadow and pale pink lipstick, along with darker lashes and brows. Her nails were a dark purple or black, visible as she held up her phone to capture the best shot.

“I have to give a massive thank you to our HMU team for helping the Phoenix Rise! Thank you, Jackie, @beautybyjett and all of our crew for being my village. #RoyalRumble,” Phoenix wrote in her caption.

Beth Phoenix appeared at Royal Rumble

As seen in the tag in her post, the WWE Hall of Famer was back on the scene at this past weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble, arriving from backstage to give her husband Edge some backup.

Edge was attacked near the top of the ramp by Rhea Ripley, as he’d been fighting with other members of Judgement Day after they all were eliminated from the men’s Royal Rumble.

While Ripley stood and admired how she’d knocked down the Rated-R Superstar, Phoenix appeared behind her and followed her arrival up with a spear takedown. It was sweet revenge for Phoenix, who Rhea had attacked with Judgement Day months ago during a WWE event.

Phoenix shared an additional photo of the different look she rocked at the WWE Royal Rumble, a premium live event at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

While the hair and makeup remained the same, she wore a unique leather jacket open over a black sports bra or crop top. Phoenix also wore black pants and black boots to complete a stunning-yet-menacing look for the event.

A few nights after the Rumble, Phoenix was back on Monday’s WWE Raw, also arriving to give her husband Edge backup as he got into it with Judgement Day during Cody Rhodes’ match.

The setup seems to be there for the trio of Cody, Edge, and Phoenix to battle three members of Judgement Day, including Rhea Ripley. Fans would certainly love to see The Glamazon back in the ring again.

Beth Phoenix continues workouts after WWE career

Phoenix, 42, continues to shine years after her entry into the WWE Hall of Fame, thanks to her continued devotion to her health and fitness. She’s likely paved the way for other WWE stars to train hard, including Natalya Neidhart, Raquel Rodriguez, and Ripley.

The former champion has shared various clips on her Instagram showing herself hard at work to maintain her incredible physique.

Phoenix appears inside the home gym where she and her husband, Adam “Edge” Copeland, train in one clip. Using heavy dumbbells, she performs a series of hammer curls to define and build her biceps.

Another clip has Phoenix performing a series of bent-over rows, again using heavy dumbbells, to work on her back muscles.

“I am grateful for today. The gym keeps me in the present and helps me feel emotionally strong. Something peaceful and primal about this simple activity,” Phoenix wrote in her caption.

The proof is there, with The Glamazon’s imposing look, as she remains prepared to take down anyone posing a threat to her and her husband.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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