WWE star Alexa Bliss teases darker days with stunning costume transformation

alexa bliss attends WWE FYC Event at NYC
Many Alexa Bliss fans are hoping she returns to her darker days in WWE. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Wrestling star Alexa Bliss is ready for Halloween, and her recent costume transformation video has some of her fans prepared for a return to her darker days within WWE.

Bliss, real name Lexi Kaufman Cabrera, has released various viral videos on her social media in the past few months. On Friday, she shared her latest transition from one outfit to another on TikTok and Instagram.

In celebration of the Halloween season, the WWE superstar, known as Five Feet of Fury, stood in a room wearing a gray t-shirt with splashes of color and dark sweatpants.

She also wore some cute white, black, and pink socks, which may have had a witch or other spooky character on them. Her long blonde hair had pink streaks and flowed down.

Alexa held up a pair of her black and white ring gear boots in one hand. As the song Unholy by Sam Smith featuring Kim Petras played, Alexa transferred the boots to her opposite hand and put her free hand on her hip.

She smirked at the camera as she lifted the boots and then threw them overhead. As they fell, Alexa did a kick with one leg for her transition, magically changing her outfit in the video.

That new attire was none other than her ring gear from her previous days when The Fiend Bray Wyatt invaded her mind. After ending that alliance, Alexa later found the Lilly doll as an imaginary friend and guiding force.

Her WWE ring gear includes those black and white boots and some tall black socks with white stripes. In addition, she wears a black latex dress featuring splashes of pink and white.

A tiny purple t-shirt, dark makeup, and her hair done up with a space buns style completed the look. However, she also had another accessory, the Lilly doll, which she’s been seen bringing to the ring in her current WWE days.

Fans react to Alexa’s costume transition video

The photos and videos Alexa Bliss shares on her social media tend to grab lots of attention, and her transition from everyday lounge clothes to her previous outfit was no different.

As of this writing, Alexa’s post had generated over 54,000 Likes and 600-plus comments reacting to the video and her throwback look.

“Ma’am it doesn’t matter what you wear you’re still as beautiful as ever,” one fan commented about Alexa’s latest video.

fan praises alexa bliss in costume for wwe
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe/Instagram

Another fan praises Alexa’s costume change, saying she looked “awesome” in the ring gear transformation video.

fan comments that alexa bliss looks great in halloween gear
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe/Instagram

“Absolutely missing this dark version of you,” another fan said regarding her costume change.

fan of alexa bliss missing her dark version
Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe/Instagram

WWE has featured in-ring costume contests and Halloween-themed matches before. Some popular superstars involved in WWE’s Halloween fun have included Maryse, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, Paige, and Torrie Wilson.

With Halloween arriving on Monday and The Fiend’s recent return to WWE, it seems anything’s possible with Alexa regarding her ring gear or ringside attire!

Alexa Bliss previously shared intense home workout

Despite being one of the smaller superstars on WWE’s roster, Alexa has continued to show she’s among the fittest. Her background includes participating in track, kickboxing, softball, gymnastics, and cheerleading. 

She’s also competed in the Arnold Classic, which typically focuses on bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini competitions. She’s continued to work hard at her fitness years later.

Alexa gets a lot of gym workouts and in-ring cardio with her WWE career, but she also has ways to work out away from those places. That included the intense no-equipment home workout she did with fellow WWE star Sheamus several years ago.

Sheamus presented half of the unique workout with Alexa on his official YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts, in 2020. He shared the video was during a time when many people were stuck at home due to quarantine or lockdown situations.

Among the exercises that Alexa had Sheamus doing were high-knee runs, burpees, lunges, and plenty of exercises for their abdominal muscles.

However, that was only one part of the home workout, which Alexa referred to as the “Terrible 12,” meaning there’s much more to it. Alexa seemed far from winded and ready for the next round.

Despite Sheamus being in tremendous shape with huge muscles, Alexa’s workout had him out of breath, showing just how much work WWE’s Goddess puts into her fitness routine.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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