WWE star Alexa Bliss stuns braless in a sheer dress with the best advice

Alexa Bliss at a WWE event
Alexa Bliss appearing at a WWE FYC event in North Hollywood, California. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Alexa Bliss stuns her followers as the WWE star poses in a beautiful sheer dress, with her husband Ryan Cabrera.

The wrestling star enjoyed her time on the lake, looking happy as ever in the Instagram story she posted Monday morning. While on a dock, instead of one of Alexa’s tiny bikinis, she wore a long sheer dress and decided to leave her bra at home.  

The WWE’s finest was smiling ear to ear as she showed off her A-line black lace dress that cascaded into the sheer mesh from the waistline to the bottom of the outfit.  

This is a different look than the adorable skimpy outfits we usually see on Alexa Bliss

Alexa went for a braless look to complement the plunging neckline and lace details of the dress.  

She accessorized the elegant dress with peep toe heels and studded sunglasses. The picture was taken with a gorgeous view, and a peek of her husband Ryan Cabrera.  

In the photo, she added a simple caption for all of her followers looking for love 

“Word of advice: Marry your best friend,” Alexa wrote in big bold letters. 

While Cabrera’s face isn’t seen in the photo, it’s clear that the couple is enjoying their time together.  

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera at the lake
Alexa Bliss enjoying her time on the lake with her Husband. Pic credit: @alexa_bliss_wwe/Instagram

Alexa Bliss and her husband are newlyweds 

With their array of cute TikTok videos posted together, you would think the couple has known each other forever. However, they only recently got married on April 9, 2022. According to People, the couple went for a non-traditional wedding that reflected both of them.  

“It’s very us,” Cabrera explained about their wedding. “The whole thing’s meant to bring out our personalities, and we are far from just normal.” 

The couple got married in a mountainous venue owned by their close friend. To make the wedding feel more like them they had a bubble tap trailer filled with Champagne, shots, and a bright sign that read “Welcome to the S—show” all around the estate.  

The couple walked down the aisle to Cabrera’s song, “Worth It.” The country singer wrote the song for Alexa and also played it during their proposal. When talking about doing the ceremony with his best friend and bride, he told People: 

“I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to get through this because it’s such an emotional song,” Cabrera said. “I don’t think she understands, because we were talking about doing our vows, and I was like, ‘Maybe we should do it in private.’ I cry a lot! I can’t help it. I’m that guy. It is what it is. I’m emotional, so it’s going to be waterworks.” 

Rumors brought the couple together. 

What some might not know, the pair met each other because they were rumored to be dating already. While on The Bella’s Podcast, Alexa explained the funny story to the retired WWE twins. 

“So, Miz, who’s best friends with Ryan called him and asked about him dating Alexa Bliss and Ryan had no clue who I was. Miz ended up telling him it was a girl he works with. Then we started chatting and he asked me to go to one of his shows and asks where I’m from. I tell him I’m in Orlando and he says he was flying to Orlando at the time for a show.” 

While the couple seemed to hit it off, Alexa admitted to turning him down at first. According to her, she wasn’t a fan of dating musicians. However, Cabrera was very persistent and she ended up really liking him. Within a year they got engaged and soon became the happy spouses we see today. 

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