WWE NXT’s Tiffany Stratton shares BTS of ‘new era’ photoshoot

wwe superstar tiffany stratton shows tanning results selfie
WWE star Tiffany Stratton continues to shine inside and outside the ring. Pic credit: @tiffanywwe/Instagram

WWE’s Tiffany Stratton has been absent from NXT recently but continues to shine with the various looks she shares on social media.

The latest included a series of posts featuring Tiffany in a stunning grey bodysuit. One of those posts was a quick behind-the-scenes video clip from the photo shoot that produced the images in the other IG post.

In the clip, Tiffany posed in the one-piece featuring a plunging neckline with a zipper she had zipped only one-quarter of the way up.

Known as the Buff Barbie Doll, the bodysuit revealed her muscular physique, including sculpted arms and legs.

Tiffany also wore a pair of sparkly open-toe high-heel sandals along with some sleek and slim futuristic shades.

“A new era has begun,” Tiffany wrote in her caption, with the IG video suggesting a change was on the way for NXT.

Tiffany Stratton shares stunning photos from shoot

Soon after sharing the video clip of her photo shoot, Tiffany Stratton shared an IG post featuring four shots captured by Krizia Gaille’s Krizia Studios.

The first image has the NXT star squatting and reveals more of her outfit. In a close-up view, she’s also rocking a beaded necklace with a cross.

A second image has Tiffany even closer to the camera but now leaning to the side as she sits and extends one arm overhead. Tiffany has her head tilted so her eyes are peeking above her shades.

The camera has backed away a bit to show her pose in the third image, with one of Tiffany’s arms helping her lean to the side and the other bent overhead.

In the last pic of the series, Tiffany’s still leaning to the side on one of her legs and hips but is noticeably staring toward the photo viewer. She’s resting one hand on her hip while the other helps hold her leaning position. 

In each image, her gorgeously styled hair and makeup are also visible, along with her gorgeous tan and impressive physique.

Tiffany Stratton is a fitness enthusiast

Tiffany, real name Jessica Woynilko, is best known as the Buff Barbie in WWE’s NXT. Before her debut in NXT last year, Tiffany became buff through her devotion to workouts.

According to her Pro Wrestling Wiki page, Tiffany has a background in mixed martial arts, gymnastics, and bodybuilding. She previously competed in the Winter Classic, Colorado Springs, Elite Challenge, and Battle Creek gymnast competitions.

Tiffany’s workouts include setting new personal goals to reach. According to an Instagram video she shared in June 2020, she hit one of her goals when she performed a back squat with 300 lbs of weight.

Check out the impressive feat below as Tiffany backs away from the rack with the barbell loaded with heavy plates and hits the move.

A year before that, Tiffany shared a video where she performed a snatch with 175 lbs of weight. The snatch is a standard lift seen in bodybuilding competitions. Her caption also made mention of her next goal for the lift.

“175 lbs snatch for a 15 lbs PR, shoutout to @icki853wt for helping me figure out this whole snatch thing… comin for you 180,” she wrote.

Tiffany hasn’t shared many new workout videos, but based on her chiseled and sculpted look in the WWE NXT ring, she’s continuing to put in some serious time at the gym to create her impressive physique.

She’s likely been taking some time off to recover and rebuild. One of her last big matches in NXT before her hiatus was the entertaining Lights Out match against rival Wendy Choo. Unfortunately, Tiffany was on the losing side of that one.

Fans are now waiting to see what’s next for Tiffany in NXT, with her indicating it’s the start of a “new era.”

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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