WWE NXT’s Mandy Rose wows in plunging top for Black Friday promo

wwe superstar mandy rose in instagram selfie
WWE star Mandy Rose looked stunning in her latest video promoting Damandyz. Pic credit: @mandysacs/Instagram

Mandy Rose is known for capturing fans’ attention, whether inside the wrestling ring or outside of it, on social media, where she shares various photos and videos.

The WWE NXT Women’s Champion did the latter and looked stunning as she appeared in a recent Instagram clip promoting her and a colleague’s business.

In the latest video, Rose, 32, wears a black, long-sleeved crop top with a plunging neckline and sheer panel near her neck area. She paired it with a pair of grey leggings or pants that aren’t as visible in the clip.

The smiling WWE superstar also wears a shiny gold necklace, wristwatch, and the sparkling engagement ring she received from Sabatino Piscitelli.

She kept her long hair straight and flowing down for the promotional clip as she speaks to fans about a Black Friday sale that has launched for Damandyz, the donut and merch brand she co-owns with a friend who’s also in WWE.

Rose lets fans know in the caption that the sale’s live via the link in her IG bio, and she includes hashtags such as “#blackfridaysale,” “#holidayshopping,” “#giftideas,” and “#dearsanta.”

Fans react to Mandy Rose’s video clip

While Mandy Rose has several million followers on Instagram, Damandyz has just 101,000. However, the new video featuring the WWE NXT star received plenty of comments reacting to Rose’s look and the sale announcement.

“Fantastic new video boss, I’m loving the Black Friday Sale, lots of awesome new merch! Let’s go!” one commenter wrote.

fan comments mandy rose damandyz video
Pic credit: @damandyz/Instagram

“Damn Mandy!!! You are looking extra beautiful today,” another fan said in admiring the WWE star’s video presentation.

fan reacts to mandy rose in damandyz promo video
Pic credit: @damandyz/Instagram

“Looking good Amanda❤️❤️,” another fan remarked about Rose’s latest look.

fan reacts to new damandyz video from mandy rose
Pic credit: @damandyz/Instagram

Rose launched Damandyz with WWE friend and colleague

Rose, real name Amanda Saccomanno, has her hand in numerous ventures beyond the WWE ring. Along with the online fitness program she provides with her fiance, she’s also got the Damandyz Donutz brand with her close friend Daria Bernato, aka Sonya Deville in WWE.

According to their website, Damandyz Donutz began with a YouTube channel featuring the WWE friends as they traveled to various locations and tried out their donuts to rate them. It wasn’t long before they decided to launch their own business, which featured pop-up shows in New York and California.

The duo later partnered with Kitchen Data Systems and Lawrence Longo to launch their first “ghost kitchen” in Los Angeles, offering their donuts through Uber Eats and Postmates in nearby regions. They also have plans to expand globally.

Available donut types include Blueberry Old Fashioned, Double Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Damandyz’s Glaze Donut.

The Black Friday sale that Rose unveiled was for Damandyz merch which includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other items branded with the logo or featuring Rose and Sonya’s images.

Part of Damandyz’s mission is to show athletes, particularly women, that they can indulge in delicious food during their everyday lives rather than feeling they must always eat a certain way to stay fit.

“The pair recognizes that athletes, especially women are put under extreme pressure to look a certain way while eating a restrictive diet, and they combat these stereotypes to demonstrate that you can be in excellent shape while also enjoying the pleasures of life,” the website indicates.

WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA.

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